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Blog The Women at the Forefront of Innovation

The Women at the Forefront of Innovation

So what does it take to be innovative?

Many clients approach us looking for an innovation speaker and will often pose similar questions; How can we best integrate new technology? Do we need to change the way we work? How can we encourage greater innovation within our traditional workplace culture? Who can we take inspiration from?

Innovation itself is often born from an eclectic and diverse employee base, who approach problems from different angles to create unique solutions.

So perhaps it’s time to have a quick peek at some of the leading female innovators currently sharing their experiences on the corporate circuit and indeed provide your audience with greater food for thought.

Futurist Anne Lise Kjaer uses her design background to create clarity out of the trends that hold the key to the future of innovation and business concepts and believes 'The future is not some place we go, but one we create'. Anne educates audiences on convergence technology, enabling meaningful social connections, globalisation and the convenience culture.


Founder and CEO of Marcus Venture Consulting Ltd, Lucy P. Marcus is an expert in global economic trends and investment strategy. A pioneer in futuristic thinking Lucy is a leading figure in educating the corporate circuit in technology, change, and business and is committed to fostering sustainable success for funding organisations.


Mariana Mazzucato is the chair of Economics of Innovation and Public Value and the founding director of the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose at University College London. An expert at advising policy makers around the world on innovation-led growth, Mariana has completed research projects for NASA and the European Space Agency on innovation, sustainability, inclusive growth, and financial systems.


The former CEO of Google Iberia, Isabel Aguilera is listed one of the Top 50 Most Influential Executives in the World by Fortune Magazine. An expert consultant to multinational, multidisciplinary businesses, Isabel’s expertise range from competitive leadership and successful human resource management, to new technologies and the challenges of the 21st century. 


World authority on people in organisations, Lynda Gratton is the Professor of Management Business Practice at London Business School. Author of highly acclaimed books on human resources strategy and democratic workplaces, Lynda can educate and enlighten audiences of many levels.  


The Founder and Head of Trends at Insider Trends, as well as a Future 100 entrepreneur, Cate Trotter is an expert in retail, trends and technology and draws on her knowledge of the latest innovations and her experience of setting up successful businesses to help global brands create seamless and profitable customer experiences.


The leading thinker on trust in the modern world, Rachel Botsman is the author of two ground-breaking books ‘What’s Mine is Yours’ and ‘Ten Ideas That Will Change the World’. By distilling complex ideas into clear and compelling content, she gives us the tools to understand trust – what it means, how it works and why it’s so important for every aspect of our lives.


CEO and Founder of Mobo Awards, Kanya King CBE is an internationally recognised entrepreneur and innovator in the music industry. With her experience creating and organising one of the UK’s biggest events in the music industry, Kanya brings critical business messages to life, underpinned by a determination to succeed and an infallible work ethic.


Recognised as an entrepreneur to watch, Samantha Payne is a WIRED Innovation Fellow and the Co-Founder of Open Bionics - an award-winning robotics company bringing science fiction to life. Turning children with limb differences into bionic superheroes by working with companies like Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Walt Disney Animation, Samantha’s company has won multiple awards for engineering and innovation.


A technology entrepreneur, business executive and sought-after keynote speaker, Tan Le is the Founder & CEO of EMOTIV. A neuroengineering company specialising in breakthrough brain interface technology for those with developmental disorders, Tan is hugely passionate and inspiring. Named as Young Australian of the Year, her acceptance received a standing ovation and was described as the most moving ever delivered in Parliament.


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