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One of our friendly and experienced (and best of all, impartial) Account Managers will be available to help you find the perfect speaker, comedian, host or facilitator for your event.


Get your free advice

We work really hard to gain a comprehensive understanding of your brief, what makes your audience tick, and your overarching goals for an event - so make the most of free expert advice. Whether this is your 1st or 500th event, there are no stupid questions, so ask away!

Receive your shortlist

Once we've understood your requirements, we'll put together a shortlist of relevant, exciting and eye-opening options within your budget. We listen to speakers for a living – day in, day out – so it's safe to say that our standards are high.

The nitty gritty

We have a great relationship with the speakers we work with – we know what makes them tick – putting us in a unique and advantageous position. We will negotiate with your speaker to iron out all the specifics of the booking – from the dates and timings, to the fees and content. If there is a difficult conversation to be had, we make sure to have it for you at this stage.

Confirmation & contracts

Once the details of the booking are ironed out and confirmed, we all sign on the dotted line to set the agreed terms in stone for both parties. No handshakes or agreements in good faith here – our contracts offer you security, transparency and protection.

The handover

Itʼs time to pass the baton on to a member of our trusty Logistics team, who becomes your main point of contact moving forward. This doesnʼt mean your Account Manager suddenly disappears – theyʼre still on hand to support throughout and answer any content or bookings questions you might have.


We donʼt like nasty surprises. Your new friend from Logistics will look after all travel arrangements and expenses relating to your speaker. For ultimate ease and no surprises (apart from pleasant ones) we cap the travel costs in advance. Should the total expenditure end up less than what you paid, youʼll be reimbursed after the event; if more, donʼt worry, weʼll cover the cost. Simple!

The pre-event briefing

The event is a few weeks away which means… it’s briefing time! Your Logistics Coordinator will host a comprehensive call between yourself and your speaker. This provides the perfect opportunity to go through everything in more detail together and get to know each other, while we remain in the background taking notes and making sure all critical areas are discussed.

The. Big. Day. (And beyond).

We want you to feel confident that everything will go smoothly on the day. We are available 24/7 to address any further questions or concerns, and we make sure to equip both yourself and your speaker with a ‘call sheetʼ containing all the crucial information needed in the immediate lead-up and for during the event. Show time!

Moving forward...

We donʼt just leave you high and dry – we always follow up after the event to make sure everything went as planned. We take all your feedback on board to make sure that we keep our customer service top-notch, and that we continuously learn and improve. Moving forward, you will have a dedicated Account Manager who will get to know you and your events, ready to assist with anything in the pipeline!

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