Colin Jackson

One of the most famous faces of athletics in the UK, Colin Jackson is an Olympic champion. Since retiring from sport, Colin Jackson has appeared as a contestant on Strictly, Celebrity Masterchef, and is regular sports commentator. Drawing on his experience on the track, Colin makes an excellent motivational speaker. Colin is also an ideal choice for awards hosting. 

Colin Jackson is a former Olympic 110m hurdler and an accomplished motivational after dinner speaker and awards host. Since the end of his career as an athlete, Colin has had a successful career as a TV presenter; he presents athletics during the Olympics and has appeared on a host of BBC TV programmes.

Colin began his athletics career as a talented decathlete, however he soon switched to 110m hurdling and won Gold at the 1986 World Junior Championships. Colin has been world champion three times and was unbeaten at the European Championships for 12 years. Following his success at the 1986 World Junior Championships, Colin competed in the 1988 Olympic Games and won a Silver Medal. He also won Gold at the 1990 and 1994 Commonwealth Games, Colin held the 110m world record for over ten years and his 60m World Record is yet to be broken.

Colin delivered an outstanding performance. Colin is a natural talent who captivates the whole room from the first second.
General Electric

Colin retired from athletics at the age of thirty-six in 2002 after the World Indoor Championships, at the end of his career he was considered to be one of the best hurdlers of all time. Colin began broadcasting for the BBC not long after his retirement, he joined the BBC sports production team and has presented athletics for the BBC ever since. Colin’s media career has gone from strength; he co-hosted ‘Born to Win’ with Sally Gunnell and has appeared on popular TV programmes such as ‘The Making of Me’, a show examining the factors that contributed to Colin’s success as an athlete. Colin also appeared in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and came in second place to cricketer, Darren Gough.

Colin was chosen to be an Ambassador for the London 2012 Olympic Games and was involved in the bidding process; he was at the IOC meeting in Singapore when the 2012 Olympic Games announcement was made.

Due to his experiences as an athlete and a TV presenter, Colin is both a motivational speaker and a charismatic awards host. As a speaker, he uses his experiences as an athlete to motivate audiences, drawing examples from times when he faced injuries and pushed himself to his full ability. Colin used his past defeats as motivation, helping him to focus on improving for next time.

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What people said about Colin Jackson

His talk was delivered with humor and charisma. An outstanding inspirational and motivational speaker who captivated his audience.
The Cabinet Office
Colin is a walking ball of energy and really energised the attendees. A first rate mix of inspiration, and motivation
Lloyds TSB IT Service Delivery
You spoke from the heart, with total integrity and had the major ingredient to give recognition and have humility in your presentation.
He made such a great impression on everyone involved, with his attitude, smiling all the time and he did excellent job as a speaker.
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