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Leonard Brody

Practical futurist and Chief Innovation Officer of the largest sports and entertainment organisation worldwide, Leonard Brody explains the impact of macro and behavioural changes on business. A fascinating keynote speaker, the twice-Emmy nominee draws from his own experience as a serial entrepreneur to create roadmaps for clients, brimming with insights that can be applied to the here and now.

Serial entrepreneur and Chief Innovation Officer of the largest sports and entertainment organisation worldwide, Leonard Brody is a futurist with a twist.

A practitioner, not a theorist, he shares insights that governments and international businesses of diverse interests - such as Dell, Visa and Pepsi - can act upon in the next 365 days, rather than simply 'feel the effects' of in 100 years' time!

His robot assistant Amy agrees (but she might be programmed to say that).

Twice-nominated for an Emmy, the media visionary has garnered critical acclaim as a keynote speaker; drawing on real-life case studies from his own career and beyond, he expounds the need for companies to innovate and understand the very short (and even shrinking) cycles of change we operate in.

From the rising number of entrepreneurs to the impact of the Internet and social media, Leonard explains what these macro and behavioural changes mean for business e.g. within marketing, HR and finance, and creates roadmaps for clients to capitalise on them.

‘This time is our time’, says Leonard, ‘and we should work from the outside in to make the most of it’—a tenet that he elaborates in his upcoming work ‘The Great Re:Write’ in partnership with Forbes magazine.

Fascinated by how the future is shaped by the risks of now, Leonard executes his findings very much in the present. Continuously involved in the funding, building and sale of new ventures, he has helped launch countless disruptive start-ups and grown revenue from nothing to hundreds of millions in just a few years.

With Leonard at the helm in 2000, business intelligence provider Onvia closed a $240 Million IPO on NASDAQ. In 2004, he co-founded and managed NowPublic.com—a pioneer in the field of citizen journalism, which was branded one of the top 50 websites in the world by Time magazine.

As the former President of the Clarity Digital Group, he was responsible for overseeing one of the largest online news conglomerates in the world including the Examiner’s online publication.

He was also head of the Digital Arm of the Anschutz Entertainment Group, which puts on over 10000 live events a year, from The hologram of Tupac appearing at Lollapalooza to Michael Jackson’s tour.

Leonard’s advice on the state of the world is highly sought. As well as being the Director of Canada’s largest technology association (CATA), he was the former Senior Technology Advisor to the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

He continues to draw on his knowledge and experience at conferences and in publications around the globe, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the BBC.

Despite being the owner of Coventry City Football Club, Leonard remains a favourite amongst our Arsenal-loving team.

His speaking topics include:

- Never stop innovating; stay engaged with your industry

- Short/shrinking cycles of change and what these mean for business

- Risk-taking: US vs. Europe/UK

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