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A futurist and keynote speaker, whose expertise lies in technology and social media, Christer Holloman uses his insight and experience to inspire and inform his audiences. As the former resident blogger at Sky News Tech Talk, founder and CEO of Divido and the author of The Social Media MBA, he explains how we can adapt today to remain relevant tomorrow, innovate within an organisation, and supercharge our online sales.

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"Christer got the brief straight away and used a really interesting case study to bring his topic to life."
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Christer Holloman is author of the Amazon Bestseller The Social Media MBA; founder and CEO of market-leading fintech business Divido and former resident blogger at Sky News Tech Talk. He is an experienced  keynote speaker  and Chairman of First Tuesday – the UK’s largest network for high growth technology SME’s and their investors. His expertise lies in technology and social media, and he is also a fascinating futurist who uses his insight and experience to inspire and inform.

Chris launched Expedia founder Rich Barton’s new $90m start-up in Europe, and is frequently invited to write for The Guardian, Sky News and GQ about how organisations can make the most of opportunities presented by new technologies. He is the CEO of a VC backed fintech start-up called Divido which pays the estate agency fees on behalf of sellers. Google has ranked Divido as one of the best ten European start-ups. Reinventing finance, Christer is one of the leading pioneers in changing the face of the finance industry.

A born entrepreneur, Christer’s childhood games became a blueprint for his future career, as he attempted to become a retailer for LEGO at the age of 10. This trend continued and in teens he started an advertising agency and a Rent-A-Santa business.

By the beginning of the millennium and the start of the IT boom, Christer established himself as a business force to be reckoned with when he launched a local social networking site, and then sold it to an investor for an undisclosed amount, only a short 6 months later.

Formerly Head of Digital Product Development at The Times and The Sunday Times, his prolific experience has led him to be named as one of London’s Most Influential Individual Within New Media, by The Evening Standard.

Alongside his contagious energy, entertaining presentations, and charming personality, Christer equally embodies real digital innovation and delivery, and is an exceptional speaker on the subject.

Responsible for the digital product strategy of one of the world’s best-known media brands, as well as regularly discussing innovation with leaders of digital start-ups and global enterprises, he is in a unique position to appreciate corporate constraints, and ways around it, as well as spotting future digital trends today, new business models and new opportunities.

He is also committed to encouraging young people to explore their entrepreneurial potential and has been named Volunteer of the Year by Young Enterprise. He was recognised with an award by Prince's Trust for creating an online community for entrepreneurial university students.

Christer inspires digital innovation and creative entrepreneurship, he is a brilliant keynote speaker on technology and social media.

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  • "Christer got the brief straight away and used a really interesting case study to bring his topic to life."
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