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Sarah Outen

Sarah Outen rowed across the Indian Ocean. Alone. An inspirational after dinner speaker, Sarah talks about her journey of commitment to life and survival against the cruel mother nature. Enduring extreme conditions and remote environments is Sarah's job, she has been through some gruelling situations including a hurricane in the Atlantic sea. But not one to give up, Sarah shares her motivational story about overcoming unimaginable adversities. 

In 2009 Sarah Outen rowed across the Indian Ocean. Alone: just Sarah and her little boat, Dippers. An inspirational after dinner speaker, Sarah talks about her journey embodying commitment to life and survival in the elements.

Sarah’s row from Australia to Mauritius was dedicated to the memory of her Dad, Derek, who died suddenly in 2006. On the way she broke 2 oars, ate 500 bars of chocolate and still lost 20kg bodyweight. It took Sarah 124 days and she scooped a few Guinness World Records along the way: first woman & youngest person to solo the Indian; youngest woman to solo any ocean.

Any business can learn from the talk, I would rate Sarah and the way she tells her story among the very best speaker's I have heard.
AB Agri

It was raw and elemental -just as adventure should be. Sarah has already written her first book ‘A Dip in the Ocean’ about her experience.

Most people are too sensible to row across an ocean, but all of us have dreams and face challenges. Importantly, we all have the potential to change and the chance to make choices about what we do and how we act. This is why Sarah’s story is for everyone and why she has spoken to nearly 100 different audiences since returning to dry land in 2009. In classrooms and boardrooms, at home and abroad, from Windsor Castle to the London Boat show, Sarah has spoken on a broad range of themes.

These include turning negatives into positives; the importance of teamwork and communication; goal setting; attitude and perseverance. Using her own journey from the depths of despair to completion of the greatest journey of her life, Sarah entertains and enthuses her audiences with stories and anecdotes, encouraging everyone to see that anything is possible, if only you let yourself believe it.

Speaking Topics

Sarah tells the inspirational story of how she rowed across the Indian Ocean alone. Her journey embodied commitment to life and survival in the elements.

  • Sport
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Woman
  • Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Inspirational

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