Steve Nallon

Steve Nallon is a great choice for after dinner entertainment. He offers impressions, comedy, or an amusing after dinner set - because why have just one speaker, when you can get 40 in one from Steve! 


Steve Nallon is recognised as being one of Britain's leading impressionists and he is the perfect choice to deliver an after dinner speech or present awards, bringing a host of characters to the event!

A prolific writer, and performer, Steve is a regular face in the media, and a success at any performance art he turns his hand to.

Everyone said how much they enjoyed your after-dinner speech - you were the highlight.
Birmingham Civic Society

Steve is most famed for his impressions on the award winning series: Spitting Image. Continuing his impressionist work, Steve has appeared on Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression, the BBC radio comedy First Impressions, Noel's Telly Years and the ever popular Call My Bluff. A truly talented stand-up act, Steve will have all audiences in stitches with his incredible talents.

Apart from sounding like the famous, Steve also has an uncanny ability to look like a wide range of people as well - from Dame Edna and David Bellamy to Patricia Routledge and Adrian Edmonson. Using his skills as an impressionist he has appeared in numerous corporate videos as well as compering various shows and conferences, including once appearing as John Cole, Sir Robin Day and Brian Walden all on the same afternoon!

As an after dinner speaker, Steve takes his audience on a comic tour of a vast range of voices, ensuring there is something for everyone, from sporting celebrities such as racing's Peter Sullevan and snooker's Ted Lowe, to numerous television personalities including Bruce Forsyth, Terry Christian, Alan Bennett, Margaret Thatcher, David Attenborough plus a whole lot more.

Steve Nallon's after dinner act is unique and highly entertaining. It is suitable for a mixed audience, offering a totally different experience to people of all tastes and can be personalised to suit the individual needs of any client.

An accomplished writer whose work ranges from radio and television, script editing, to training videos and conferences, Steve writes all his own material and often tailors scripts and personality speeches to the specific needs of the company.

Steve has been a Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Drama and Theatre Arts in the University of Birmingham, lecturing in courses on: Stand-up Comedy; The Broadway Musical; Comedy of Manners; Screenplay Writing, film and Greek Theatre. A prominent speaker on the voice, Steve is both an entertainer and an educator. 

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What people said about Steve Nallon

The event was definitely a great success, our clients were really pleased with how everything went they couldnt stop smiling by the end! I think the fact that we had Steve there made all the difference to the event. Looking round I could see the mood really changed when he came on the stage he made the awards so much more light-hearted than they would otherwise have been it was exactly how we wanted the atmosphere to be.
Toy Retailers Awards Dinner
The evening was fantastic! A great success! Steve was everything you said a real star and a true professional. From the moment we had spoken I knew I was in good hands.
Laing ORourke
The choice of Steve Nallon as the after-dinner speaker was I think inspired and will certainly go down in my book as one of the most memorable ever.
The Insurance Institute
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