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Steve Parry

An entrepreneur and TV presenter, Steve Parry has taught 80,000 underprivileged kids to swim – so far! An athlete who has lived the Olympic dream, Steve brims with social responsibility and original implementation. A keynote and an after dinner speaker, he lights up a room and imparts valuable lessons of goal-setting, leadership, teamwork and success.

Steve Parry is the man who has determinedly taught thousands of underprivileged kids to swim! His business empire combines enjoyment whilst also providing kids with a real skillset. Setting up sports centres in underprivileged areas, Steve provides children with a basic and invaluable lesson.

As Managing Director of Total Swimming, a company that is at the forefront of innovating the swimming space across the UK, Steve’s business brain is as competitive and purposeful as his athletic brawn.

Steve had obviously researched our work and was a great advocate for us. He struck just the right tone with the audience
Fields In Trust

Steve can share with audiences his Olympic tales of blood, sweat and his bronze medal. His entrepreneurial spirit - brimming with social responsibility, original implementation, and building on the fabric of a common purpose – makes him a great after-dinner speaker who lights up a room, and also an excellent corporate keynote who imparts valuable lessons of goal-setting, leadership, teamwork and success.

Genuine, warm, humble and funny, Steve fell into TV presenting almost by accident. He was called to the Beijing Olympics when the original presenter pulled out, and was instantly comfortable with a mike in his hand and a camera in his face. Mistaken for Michael Phelps in Tiananmen Square, and mobbed by Chinese Olympic fans armed with cameras and very little English, Steve’s initiation was evidence to BBC producers that with his humour and tenacity he could cope with anything – even live TV – and he is now one of the most popular presenting faces on BBC Sport and Five Live.

Ready, Steady Cook; Celebrity MasterChef, and various other TV spectacles called, and Steve is also an ambassador for Cancer Research UK and a keen charity campaigner.

Able to speak about goal-setting, the path to success, entrepreneurialism and teamwork, Steve is the perfect speaker for a range of after-dinners and keynotes. 

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What people said about Steve Parry

Naturally very funny and worked the audience well. Off stage, Steve was also very personable and a pleasure to work with
Kerridge Commercial Systems
Steve’s contribution at our 2012 Awards event was such that we felt compelled to invite him back to lead our prestigious event for a second time. His witty, brisk style once again kept the event flowing in 2013 and he entertained a packed room with his highly-relevant anecdotes and observations. Not only did he lead the event from the stage, but he also was a wonderful table guest who related to, and gelled with his fellow diners with consummate ease. A class act without doubt!
Neil H Ashworth. Chairman, CILT(UK)

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