Dr Sabina Brennan: How To Boost Our Brain Health During Winter’s Lockdown

Dr Sabina Brennan is a chartered psychologist, neuroscientist, award-winning science communicator and author of the international bestseller 100 Days to a Younger Brain. As Sabina is on a mission to help millions of people enjoy the benefits of having a Super Brain, we thought she’d be perfect to speak to our audience during our virtual showcase ‘Managing Our Mental Health This Winter’.

Dr Sabina Brennan shared with our audience why our brain is constantly changing and how the lifestyle we lead, including our thoughts, shapes the brain. This means what we do, or don't doaffects how resilient our brain is in the face of the challenges we face.

As we headed into another lockdown, Sabina provided our audience with a few strategies to boost our brain health, including her favourite tip to manage stress which is to smile 5 times a day!

Biography of Dr Sabina Brennan