Hayley Mulenda: How Finding Your Identity Leads to Personal Fulfillment

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Hayley Mulenda | 26 March 2021

After nearly committing suicide in 2016, Hayley Mulenda is on a mission to inspire others out of the dark place she found herself in. Watch as she empowered our audience at our latest Virtual Masterclass: Stress Awareness Month Preview  to create and sustain a healthy mental wellbeing.

In her powerful retelling of her candid story, Hayley shared the importance of 'checking in' on employees, family, and friends, especially during these isolating times. Hayley went on to explain the investment we make into our happiness and fulfilment, created by finding identity in 'who you are and not what you do', is the greatest lesson she's learned from life in lockdown.

By drawing parallels with other high-profile individuals who suffer from stress and mental health, Hayley was able to inspire us all to be more present and draw on our individual strengths to overcome any obstacles ahead.

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