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Hosted by Angela Scanlon we welcomed Dr Pixie McKenna, Hayley Mulenda and Paul McKenna to our latest virtual showcase event where they discussed how we can combat the signs of stress that impact our lives.

Dr Pixie McKenna began the showcase by explaining how our bodies react to stress. Mental exhaustion, negative changes in our behaviour, future health issues to name but three direct ailments caused by stress. Pixie helped us understand what drives stress and in turn by recognising the signals, we can seek the help we need.

We've worked with Hayley Mulenda for a while now and her eloquent delivery never ceases to stun audiences into action. While Hayley shared her own suicide attempt with our audience, she also drew parallels with other high profile individuals who suffer from stress and mental health illness too.

Paul McKenna, the world's most successful hypnotist, engaged our audience in a group meditation session. His calming techniques allowed us to take a step back and consider what is in our control. Paul encouraged us to sweep out negative thoughts and replace them with a positive iteration, to look ahead 12 months and consider what success would look like for us individually. By working back to the present day, Paul gave us some practical tools to reduce our anxiety over what the future may hold.

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