Nicky Moffat Shares The Key Traits a Modern Leader Needs During Change

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Nicky Moffat | 3 March 2021

Nicky Moffat held a distinguished 27-year career within the Armed Forces, Army HQ, the MoD and Government, reaching the rank of Brigadier, so we thought Nicky would be perfect to discuss what the role of a leader is during our virtual showcase ‘New Times Require New Leaders’.

Addressing the changing world, we now inhabit, Nicky discussed why some of thrive in this environment, while for others it can create stress, fear, disorientation and even fatigue. Therefore, as Nicky explained, leaders need to develop a fine-tuned understanding of what their people think, believe and feel.

This knowledge helps leaders to lead with empathy, creating a sense of purpose, and to show they are present during changing times.

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