Paul McKenna: The Power of Positive Visualisations and Meditation to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

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Paul McKenna | 26 March 2021

Known as the world's most successful hypnotist, and recently named by The London Times as one of the world’s leading and most important modern gurus, we were thrilled to have and learn from Paul McKenna, Ph. D at our latest Virtual Masterclass: Stress Awareness Month Preview !

Paul began by sharing insights into how we can make space for creativity and joy by using visualisation and meditation to combat worry, fear, and anxiety. By drifting into a relaxing exercise of sweeping out negative thoughts and replacing them with positive visualisations, we were forced to create powerful images that inspired us with the hope of what success might look like for each of us individually.

Paul ended his session with a moment of total tranquillity. A group meditation exercise that collectively reduced our stress levels and helped to create a positive mindset over what the future may hold.

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