Sahar Hashemi Discusses The Entrepreneurial Leadership Culture For Today’s Leaders

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Sahar Hashemi | 3 March 2021

Corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur and founder of Coffee Republic, Sahar Hashemi OBE believes post COVID, everyone needs to become an entrepreneur. Sahar joined our virtual showcase event ‘New Times Require New Leaders’ to offer our audience a new way of thinking when it comes to our modern-day leaders.

Sahar explained, whether you work in a multi-national corporation, or local SME business, we’re all in ‘start-up waters’. We’re all faced with uncertainty, the lack of a safety-net, fewer resources and a new way of working. Critically, it provides an opportunity to re-connect with our customers.

Sahar discusses what an entrepreneurial mindset looks like and how leaders can instill this culture within their employees to thrive and survive in this ‘new normal’.

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