The Knowledge Guild 2020 : The Power of Technology Brought to Life Highlights Reel


The most exciting moments at events continue to be when audiences are wowed by the power of technology.

This year's February 2020 edition of the Knowledge Guild saw Clive Myrie, Rachel Botsman, James Poulter, Samantha Payne experience the incredible things humans are achieving and the opportunities technology can bring.

Hosted by the delightful Clive Myrie, the expertise of Rachel Botsman, James Poulter and Samantha Payne showed how technology gains our trust online, the enormous potential Voice User Experience and AI can bring to our work and personal lives, and why a hybrid of emerging technologies has led to superhuman abilities.

Held at The Brewery, one of London’s premier historic venues, our audience enjoyed a night of insight, networking and inspiration for future events. 

Enjoy watching our highlights reel here!