Timothy Bradshaw's Ukrainian Aid Mission in conversation with Nick Gold

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Timothy Bradshaw, a former British Army Intelligence Officer joined our MD Nick Gold for our latest episode of 'In Conversation With' to talk about his current mission in Lviv and Kyiv during the Ukraine – Russia war.

In March 2022, Tim started his first trip on his Ukrainian aid mission, which delivers necessities to Ukraine such as clothing, medications, equipment, supplies, etc. to support Ukrainian in their conflict with Russia.

Timothy Bradshaw is a sought-after speaker who inspires a #BecauseICan attitude. He provides audiences with a robust guide to being effective and achieving the extraordinary!

Although Tim has never won an Olympic medal or sold a multimillion-pound business, Tim went to a reasonable school followed by The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Since then, Tim has served as a helicopter pilot, a covert Intelligence Officer, has climbed Mount Everest, summited the Matterhorn, completed an Ironman, cycled a mountain stage of the Tour Du France and ridden the Cresta Run.

Instantly, when the team reached the Polish border to deliver their aid packages to the people of Ukraine, they encountered a range of issues that meant, on their second and third missions, they were better prepared to achieve the mission’s objectives.

Indeed, going back to Ukraine for the second and third missions to Lviv and Kyiv, the team gained a bigger and in-depth perspective of what was going on as well as of amazing, brave, and determined people living in Ukraine who were fighting for their country.

In this episode of In Conversation with Nick Gold, Tim told us about his work in Ukraine and what he and his team witnessed, listened to, and experienced on the trip. This was a fascinating insight into what it takes to plan for such a mission while having the calm ability to change plans and tactics as the situation arises.

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