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Levison Wood is an army officer, writer, photographer and explorer, known for his extended walking expeditions in Africa and Asia, which have been filmed for television documentaries. Touring the globe taking on new challenges Levison tells an awe-inspiring story of overcoming adversity and working through life's most extreme tribulations. Pioneering new realms for explorers, Levison is an inspirational force.

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Writer, explorer, photographer and former army officer Levison Wood has recently returned from walking the Nile, an expedition documented for a major 4 part series on Channel 4. He has been covering events and conflicts around the world, and his work has been published and broadcast in international publications and on Channel 4, the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel Magazine and CNN.

As well as being beautiful, awe-inspiring and rewarding, his journey down the Nile was one of adversity and tribulations, including the tragic death of one of his travelling companions, journalist Matt Power, of extreme heat and hyperthermia. Levison’s powerful messages of struggling through devastating circumstances and beating the odds to achieve success have an emotional resonance, and audiences across the globe have testified to feeling motivated and inspired after hearing his tale.

Before embarking on a career in the media, Levison was an Officer in the British Parachute Regiment, where he served in Afghanistan in 2008.

Having travelled and worked in over eighty countries, Levison was made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 2011 and as a journalist  he has travelled alongside Karen rebel forces in Burma; through city streets, to the mountains, deserts and jungles of Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, North and South Sudan, most of Sub-Saharan Africa, India, Nepal and South East Asia.

From journalism to documentaries, Levison has worked on programmes for the BBC and Channel 4, as well as National Geographic and Animal Planet, and alongside his broadcast work, his passion for photography has never taken a backseat, and his portfolio has grown substantially along the way.

Levison is director of Secret Compass, with whom he has led pioneering journeys into undiscovered regions including the first ever successful walk across Madagascar, coast to coast; scientific research in Burundi, mountain climbing in Iraq, and a horse riding expedition retracing the steps of the explorers of the Great Game in search of the river Oxus.

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