Behind the Lens: 5 Photographers to Captivate Your Next Event

11 September 2019

Best in their field, these photographers, filmmakers and adventure speakers  specialise in everything from underwater polar photography to journalists  covering undiscovered regions and the lasting impact of war accross the world.

Learn how these 5 Photographers and their captivating stories will have your audience on the edge of their seats as they inspire people to make any venture an adventure.

Levison Wood

An explorer, writer and photographer who has covered conflicts, events and stories around the world, for over ten years Levison's work has been featured in international publications including Channel 4, the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel Magazine and CNN.

He has led pioneering journeys into undiscovered regions including the first ever successful walk across Madagascar, coast to coast; scientific research in Burundi, mountain climbing in Iraq, and a horse riding expedition retracing the steps of the explorers of the Great Game in search of the river Oxus. His stories are sure to have audiences on the edge of their seats.

Doug Allan

Sir David Attenborough commented “Wildlife cameramen don’t come much more special than Doug”, and it's true.

Doug is an award-winning natural history photographer, documentary film maker, diver, author and public speaker. He has been captivating audiences with his extraordinary filming experiences and remains a legendary expertise in polar regions and other extreme environments.

With photographic awards including seven Emmys, four BAFTAs and five Wildscreen Pandas, Doug is a charismatic guest speaker at educational institutions, corporate events and on expedition cruise trips.

Felicity Aston MBE

Part of the first all-female team to complete the Polar challenge and lead the first British women's crossing of the Greenland ice-sheet, Felicity has gone on to lead numerous expeditions including becoming the first woman in the world to ski across Antarctica alone.

Felicity shares stories of her adventures with stunning expedition photography and exhilerating footage. Her motivational stories are truly inspirational and are perfect to capture the attention of any audience at any event.

Giles Duley

Giles is a freelance photographer who made the move from the world of fashion to Afghanistan, where he fell victim to an IED blast that left him a triple amputee. Determined to use his injury for the positive, Giles set up Legacy of War to document the lasting impact of war on individuals and their communities.

He has already travelled to over a dozen countries in the continuation of his Legacy of War project, a project he sees as his defining work.

Giles is an inspiration to audiences by sharing his fascinating story across the world.

Steve Uzzell

Having started in the photography business over 40 years ago as the assistant to the editor of National Geographic magazine, Steve has continued his love of making images for national and international clients, and has garnered worldwide recognition and won numerous accolades, including ten prestigious Communication Arts awards.

As a speaker, his travels are also global — in just the past 15 years he has given the presentation that became his book Open Roads Open Minds – An Exploration of Creative Problem Solving to over 460 organizations - using his striking photographs as illustrations of his metaphor about possibility and creativity.

Steve inspires audiences to take advantage of his experience and vision to make any venture a true adventure.

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