Lindsay Herbert

Lindsay Herbert is author of Digital Transformation, which has received international praise for its inspiring examples of innovation and practical framework for how to drive real change in any organisation. 

B: £10K - £15K

As a Digital Transformation Leader at IBM, she drives innovations that creates new markets to sharpen the competitive edge for the world's largest companies.

Lindsay is also an Inventor and Digital Transformation Leader at IBM, where she leads major technical and innovation projects for companies worldwide, as well as creating breakthrough technologies for IBM itself. She has also been appointed Governor for the Museum of London, and will be serving on its board for the next four years.

Lindsay's most recent invention is IBM's Instant Checkout, a revolutionary innovation for retail. This ground-breaking technology has resulted in international media coverage, including BBC World News and a segment on BBC Click. Herbert continues to drive its development, including the Instant Checkout's public roll out later this year with a major international retail brand.

Lindsay Herbert's universally core message is that digital transformation is about companies learning to become more adaptive to change itself. She draws upon her own insider insights leading major change with a diverse set of leading brands, including the UN, Shell, World Wildlife Fund, NHS, plus many financial organisations and higher education institutions.

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