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Star of Top Gear, Total Wipeout and various engineering & science programmes, Richard Hammond's wit makes him a favourite for awards or after dinner speaking. A household name and regular on our screens Richard's charisma, confidence, and humorous anecdotes ensure he is a hit conference facilitator, adept in entertaining all manner of audiences.

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Much-loved television presenter, Total Wipeout and Brainic: Science, Richard Hammond is most famous for hosting Top Gear alongside James May and Jeremy Clarkson from 2002-2015. He now presents a similar motoring programme, The Grand Tour, with his former co-hosts.

He is a sought after  awards host  and  after dinner speaker , his charming and friendly personality have led him to become a success among corporate audiences.

Richard joined Jeremy Clarkson and James May to co-present Top Gear from 2002-2015, which became a huge success world-wide and three quickly became a famous trio. The three men have great chemistry on screen; they take the motor challenges seriously but find time to banter with each other and reveal their competitive natures. Richard, along with Jeremy and James, has since joined Amazon Prime to present a similar motoring programme, The Grand Tour.

In 2006, Richard was involved in a serious motor accident on the show, he crashed a jet powered car going at 288mph and was rescued by an air ambulance. Richard was in critical condition and was lucky to survive the crash, he took time to recover from the incident and was back on our screens in no time.

Top Gear had a knock on effect for Richard and he began hosting numerous shows such as ‘Braniac’, ‘Science Abuse’ and ‘Richard Hammonds Engineering Connections’. Richard also presented a popular BBC One Saturday night programme, ‘Total Wipeout’ where he humorously commentates on contestants trying to complete the obstacle course.

In addition to his many TV presenting roles, Richard can also be heard on the radio, he presents a weekly morning hour on LBC and has also presented on BBC North, BBC Radio York and BBC Radio Leeds.

Richard’s success is down to his charismatic and energetic personality and he is well respected as a TV presenter. His knowledge of motor vehicles is extensive and he has the ability to present on a range of topics. Richard is an ideal choice of awards host for corporate events and his role will contribute to the event being a great success.

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