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Award-winning chef Aldo Zilli specialises in Italian cuisine, vegetarian and seafood. Owning restaurants across the globe, Aldo is a true success story. Both charming and flamboyant, he would be the ideal speaker for a cookery event. A specialist in customer service and team building, Aldo would be adept at giving a keynote speech on how to create and maintain a internationally successful business.

D: £3K - £5K
"Thank you so much for a truly wonderful day at the Masterclass, I enjoyed every minute of it - it was fantastic to meet Aldo!"
Masterclass delegate

Aldo Zilli is a celebrity chef and a successful restaurateur, he is an adept  keynote speaker  on topics such as customer service and team building.

Aldo was born in the small Italian region of Abruzzo and was one of nine children, he learnt to cook his famous Italian dishes from his mother growing up and he then attended catering college. Aldo moved to the UK at the age of nineteen and became a talented chef working in Italian restaurants, he had the ability to transform average restaurants to sought after eating spots. After a few years working as a chef and an executive manager training other chefs, Aldo decided it was time for a new challenge.

Aldo opened his first restaurant Il Siciliano on Dean Street and it quickly became a huge success, he then opened Signor Zilli with the Signor Zilli Bar next door to it. His restaurants have gone from strength to strength and he now owns countless spots across the globe. Aldo’s charm and hospitality are contributing factors to his restaurants’ popularity among the London set. Aldo gave up his successful restaurant chain in 2012 after fifteen years in the industry and decided pursue a different career.

After selling his restaurants, Aldo began to work with Morrisons Supermarkets and made two pizza’s for their ‘Inspired By’ celebrity chef range and his Pizza cabrese won Best Indulgent Pizza at the PAPA Industry Awards in 2012. Aldo has now set up his own PR and marketing company called Zilli Media, companies can benefit from advice from somebody with over 30 years of experience running a successful business.

He can be recognised from his various television appearances on programmes such as ‘The Morning Show’ on BBC 1, ‘Food and Drink’ on BBC 2, ‘The Food Factory’ on ITV and he presented ‘Dinner Dates’ for LWT. Aldo also appeared on BBC 2’s ‘Keep Cooking and Carry On’, where he travelled around the English countryside with Silvena Rowe and they went head to head in local cooking competitions.

Outside of food programmes, Aldo starred in ITV’s ‘Celebrity X Factor’ and has also been on ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ where he fought hard to lose two stone and a half stone. He has written for various publications including the Sun and the Daily Express Saturday Magazine; and is a published author of many highly-acclaimed books.

Aldo has the ability to teach companies about team building and leadership skills using his past experience leading other chefs in the kitchen. Aldo’s wealth of experience in business has led him to become a popular keynote speaker who will impress at corporate events.

For further information or to book Aldo Zilli, call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email

For further information or to book Aldo Zilli please call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or use the contact form:

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  • "Thank you so much for a truly wonderful day at the Masterclass, I enjoyed every minute of it - it was fantastic to meet Aldo!"
  • Masterclass delegate

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