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Previously anchor of Scotland Today for over 7 years, Sarah Heaney has presented a multitude of programmes from ITV1's crime series Manhunt, to Wish You Were Here'. She has also presented strands from LK Today and This Morning.

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"No problems at all - very hard working and flexible."
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As anchor of the main news programme ‘Scotland Today’ from 1999 to 2006, Sarah Heaney has handled her fair share of breaking news stories and has interviewed guests ranging from politicians to pop stars.

Sarah is always game for a laugh and loves a bit of adventure and has been lucky to travel from Mauritius to Mallorca to present competitions and feature strands for GMTV and LK Today. Since 2012, Sarah has presented ITV’s The Store.

Sarah has the authority and rigour to anchor the news but also the liveliness and sincerity to front live magazine and entertainment programmes such as Summer at the Top and S2Live. Sarah has also presented twenty half-hour programmes for Sky and Eurosport and has presented some ‘one off’ special half hour programmes such as Big Hearted Scots.

Sarah has worked for the health and beauty pages of broadsheet and tabloid newspapers, as well as the broadcast industry, including Irish Television. She wrote her own weekly health and beauty column for The Daily Mail for three years and is the beauty writer for Malmaison’s magazine Mal.

As a facilitator and host, Sarah is professional, flexible and a great addition to any event.

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For further information or to book Sarah Heaney please call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or use the contact form:

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  • "No problems at all - very hard working and flexible."
  • 2020 Productions Europe Ltd

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