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Diver, Tom Daley is Britain's youngest Olympian and European Gold Medalist -  he took bronze at London 2012, and in Rio 2016. Also, a social activist Tom supports various charities and regularly vlogs on important cultural issues. Achieving rocket success at such a young age, Tom is a truly motivational and inspirational speaker.

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Olympic hero and British icon, Tom Daley is one of the UK’s most successful and best loved athletes.

A specialist 10m platform diver, at the tender age of 13, he became the youngest gold medal winner at the European Championship, at 14 he was the UK's youngest competitor at the Beijing Olympics, and at 15 Tom stunned the world with his World Championship performance. He has not left the podium, or British TV screens, since.

With a seismic rise up the international diving ladder, Tom won bronze at London 2012, and was selected by ITV to mentor contestants on the celebrity diving reality TV show Splash! When 5.6million viewers tuned in, Tom, already lauded by sports fans, became a household name.

Tom has been a major supporter of Childline and has been widely praised for his candour about being the victim of bullying at school.

He left school just before the Olympics with handfuls of As and A*s at GCSC and A-Level, confirming his status as a role model not only for aspiring athletes but for an entire spectrum of young Brits.

At the 2015 World Championships held in Kazan, Russia. Daley won the gold medal within the inaugural team event competition. At the 2016 British National Diving Cup, the diver won gold in the individual 10 metre platform competition with 545.80 points. The same year at the Rio Olympics Tom took home a bronze medal, once again proving his worthy status as an ambassador for British diving. In 2021, Tom, alongside diver Matty Lee took home the gold at the 2020 Olympics.

Tom has a very active media profile, being a regular vlogger on YouTube. He teamed up with charity Switchboard after publicly coming out as gay, in order to offer support to others who want to talk about their sexuality and gender identity.

Tom delivers an excellent keynote that delves into the importance of a team, the roles of leaders or coaches and how goal setting can achieve clarity and focus, covering cover the resilience it takes to be a professional athlete. He’s spoken at internal events for the likes of PayPal, HSBC and KMPG with consistently good feedback as a warm, captivating and truly motivational speaker that has made a real difference to his audiences.

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