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Event Tips The Most Requested Speaker Topics For 2018

The Most Requested Speaker Topics For 2018

When recommending over 7000 speakers and artists for more than 1000 events a year, we strive to know which individuals and topics are making waves in the speaking world. When a client contacts us with a new brief, our goal is to offer impartial, expert advice that will help them achieve maximum ROI from their booking, especially in a time when, increasingly, the demand is for real take-away content from speakers. (You can learn more about how we work here.)

While we do this, we record and analyse the most popular speaker subject areas to gain an insight into the year ahead!

Read on to find out our top 10 most requested speaking topics in 2018:


Our most in-demand speaker topic, innovation is a term often thrown about in business and can mean different things to different companies and industries: but we can all agree that it is crucial for growth, facing future challenges, and gaining an advantage over competitors.

"The key thing that seems to be requested the most is ‘disruption’", says Tim, our Director of Marketing and Account Management. "How do companies adapt to our ever-changing landscape?"

Our Head of Account Management, Adam Cuthbert, adds, "Innovation is always a big word that people look at when trying to stir things up inside their companies - so the future of work is also a big theme within this." He adds, "We've been recommending out speakers like Keith CoatsPaul Redmond, and Adam Kingl to provide insights into leadership of the future, retaining talent and managing the future workforce." 

Business Change

If 2016 was the year of uncertainty at the prospect of unknown change, 2017 was the year that companies began to accept change as part of the norm and incorporate innovation into their strategies in order to come out stronger the other side - and it's looking like this will only continue in 2018 based on our clients' briefs.

As our Managing Director Nick Gold comments, "People are accepting that change is a part of the norm" - so it's not surprising to find that business change (and growth) was a frequently requested topic.



Interestingly, we've also seen many briefs related to risk - another all-encompassing label that can refer to an array of subjects, from international and cyber-security to taking risks in business or our personal lives. 


"Technological innovation is changing social, political and business norms," says Tim. "Sectors need to keep abreast of this, and individual companies within sectors have to be nimble, dynamic and, at the very least, aware of the threats." 

Indeed, with the likes of AI, VR, the Internet of Things, 'smart cities' and driverless cars promising to deliver change in 2018, we've seen many briefs from clients wanting to know how they can keep up with the next big thing in technology, prepare for the threat this may present, and learn how to use it as a competitive advantage that can propel them into the future.

For example, "AI is a major topic at the moment and clients realise that its effect will be felt by all industries", says Verity, one of our expert account managers. "As computers become ever more intelligent, businesses need to understand how to harness the opportunities that AI brings".


Finance & Economics 

Given the current economic climate, we'd expect companies to be seeking the specialist advice of those in touch with the latest data, theories, and trends in financial markets set to impact various industries in 2018.

Sure enough, this has meant that our team has been busy recommending speakers from an extensive range of economists who are able to set an event's agenda from a global or local economic perspective, tying in key trends, making them sector-specific for audiences, and helping them determine the implications of all this to make recommendations of ways to improve efficiency.

On a similar theme, we've also received a notable number of briefs related to finance - from changes to your banking, mortgage repayments, and pension pots, to the macro-scale issues of economic importance that affect individuals and businesses at national and global levels.

Politics & World Affairs

From business and corporate affairs to global economic and financial markets, headlines of international significance have been splashed across our newspapers and screens all year. With the world still reeling from various political events around the world and the unknown outcome of Brexit still hot on the collar of British businesses, we have certainly noticed many of our clients requesting speakers who can use their experience and knowledge to help make sense of it all.



Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are big terms in businesses, as we becoming increasingly aware of our environment and climate change.

In 2017, leading into 2018, we've been recommending out a host of excellent sustainability experts, environmentalists, and conservationists to companies on how to practice the responsibility we owe our planet.


"Where there is no diversity there is group think," as successful business leader Dr. Suzy Walton states. "Boards make bad decisions unless their decision-making is challenged by people who have a different perspective." 

Proven in multiple studies, greater diversity - across gender, race, disability, age, and numerous other factors - means greater productivity for businesses. Indeed, as account manager Debbie says, 'I've definitely noticed diversity/equality and the power of employability in client briefs."

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