5 NFL Experts Show Why Finishing Last is an Opportunity For Growth

28 January 2020

NFL players and coaches spend their whole careers competing for the honour of getting to the Super Bowl, but not everyone makes it. Between the high-stakes emotions of the game to fans who have invested their all, the pressure of the journey is heavy for players on and off the field too.

The NFL is an elite sport where the margins between success and failure come down to inches. This $billion industry will explore every possible avenue for marginal gains which leads to innovations that spread across the world. It's no surprise that businesses want to hear the lessons learnt and how they can be applied within their operations. The beauty of virtual events now makes it accessible for any audience across the world to tap into this premium knowledge.

From players turned activists, to leading strategists in sports analytics , take inspiration from how these top players, speakers and activists learned from adversity, change and hardships to turn difficult moments into an opportunity for growth, and ultimately Superbowl success!

Tom Flick

As a former NFL quarterback, Tom helps people become more effective leaders and to look at things from a different perspective in order to find new ideas for approaching challenges and moving things forward.

A consummate professional, Tom's vast career in  sport  and speaking ensures he is an ideal person for any event.

Mike Forde

A leading figure in the world of the English Premier League and European Soccer, Mike Forde is widely recognised for driving innovation and pioneering cutting-edge methods in sports. He has assisted a variety of global sports teams within the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL to build performance models for success.

A sought-after speaker  who is an expert in performance and talent management, Mike can talk about creating leading teams, strategies for becoming a high achiever and big data in sport , among other sporting and business  topics.

Dhani Jones

Best known for his career in the NFL, Dhani has played for the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Cincinnati Bengals and has used his resilience and talent to become a modern day Renaissance Man.

From NFL linebacker, Super Bowl winner, to fashion entrepreneur, environmental philanthropist, community volunteer, and now Travel Channel Host, Dhani tackles every obstacle before him to create an entirely new field of success at every turn.

Howie Roseman

Since hiring Howie in 2000, the Eagles have earned 11 playoff berths, eight division titles, six NFC Championship appearances, two NFC Championship crowns and trips to Super Bowl XXXIX and Super Bowl LII.

Winning the 2017 Executive of the Year by the Pro Football Writers of America for his integral role in constructing the team’s Super Bowl LII-winning roster, Howie's hard work, determination and leadership perfectly illustrate his ability to seize opportunity at every turn to deliver on history changing results.

Colin Kaepernick

Colin has defied expectations his entire life.

In August 2016, Colin began using this platform as an NFL star to courageously bring awareness to social injustice issues, saying he could no longer stay silent while issues of systematic oppression of people of color in America raged across the US. Although Colin hasn't been signed to an NFL team since beginning his protest, he continues to use his voice to inspire others.

His passion and hard work is a testament to his unique ability, powerful story, and relentless drive to overcome adversity  and succeed.

Inspired by the NFL stars who have proved that there is always room for growth, who will you choose to be the one to kick-start your audience into seeing their growth potential?

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