Mike Forde Links Business to Football

18 April 2013

Business speaker  and one of the UK’s leading sports executives, Mike Forde has compared the ideas and practices used in professional football to those used in business environments.

Mike believes that part of the reason football is so successful in the UK is due to professional teams taking on concepts used in the business world. Mike states that in the leading football teams you will find “employees who have learnt their trade not on the coaching field but often on the Trading floors of Wall Street.”

Mike views this change as a new era for the sport; leading football clubs, data providers and media distribution houses have used this opportunity to work together in order to sell the industry in a completely new way. “For the first time ever there is a very little difference between football and traditional business”.

These ideas are reflected by the performances that we see on the football pitch, with players using what they have learnt off the pitch to increase their performance during a game.

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