9 Star Artists for Last-Minute Event Planning

11 October 2019

Your event is in just a few days, final details are being set, you're as well prepared as you can be...and then a request from the boss comes in. You need to find a speaker. Do you choose an experienced TV presenter, a popular host or your favourite comedian to wow your audience?

Although you knew that planning an event could come with some surprising challenges, this is the one you never expected…the options are endless!

Don’t worry! We teamed up with Dan, Lucy and Matt from our Account Management Team to find out who they’d call to help you create an unforgettable event.

From hosting, to after-dinner speaking, or entertainment, see who you can choose in a pinch to help you save the day and execute your flawless event.

Dan Risner's Picks:

Jon Culshaw

For hosting duties, discover Jon Culshaw. Famed for the BBC 2 series Dead Ringers, Jon Culshaw is a highly acclaimed impressionist and comedian.

Appearing on a number of television and radio shows, voicing various different celebrities, with a repertoire of 350 voices, Jon is sure to thoroughly entertain an after-dinner audience.

Intelligent and humorous, Jon can do it all and is incredibly professional.

Mat Ricardo

Mat is a rare entertainer. This gentleman juggler will dazzle you with his outstanding skill. Part of the cabaret scene, Mat comfortably mixes the art of juggling with engaging crowd entertainment. Teasing his audience with his consummate act which includes the feats of juggling fireballs and the signature whip-off-the-tablecloth routine, he mixes his natural wit with bounds of talent.

Daniel Finkelstein

Daniel gives a great look on current affairs as an after-dinner speaker. He is an award-winning journalist, associate editor and weekly political columnist for the Times newspaper. As a former adviser to prominent Conservative party politicians and director of a Westminster think tank focusing on social policy, Daniel is a prominent commentator and his talks provide a sharp and entertaining insight into the political scene.

Lucy Baily's Picks:

Sue Perkins

Sue is a comedian, writer and presenter. One half of comedy duo Mel and Sue, she has also presented a vast range of TV and radio programmes covering everything from brass bands to baking, from travelling to history. In her talks, she offers a healthy serving of historical, comical and culinary tales. The perfect host for your next event.

Gilan Gork

Professional mentalist and marketing expert Gilan Gork is a mind-blowing after-dinner speaker. He provides corporate audiences with powerful psychological tools - from heuristics to body language - to enhance their performance at work and the success of their businesses.

An inspiring and interactive keynote speaker, Gilan covers topics such as motivation, persuasion and communication in the context of leadership, negotiations and sales.

Ellie Taylor

Stand-up comedian, writer and actor Ellie Taylor is a complete natural when it comes to hosting, presenting and making audiences laugh with her loveable attitude, witty punchlines and hilarious stories.

She's established herself as a firm favourite on the corporate and comedy circuits, and has been seen on Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week, The John Bishop Show, Drunk History, Celebrity Squares and more. She was also the presenter of BBC3’s hugely popular Snog Marry Avoid.

Matt Wetherall’s Picks:

Claudia Winkleman

A flawless professional and an award-winning and BAFTA-nominated presenter, Claudia Winkleman combines mainstream appeal with her own brand of wit as the perfect host for any event. From large-scale awards to more boutique affairs.

She has worked on various programmes including Fame Academy, Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two and The Great British Sewing Bee, and she hosted Sky's coverage of the Oscars.

Joanna Lumley

'Absolutely Fabulous' actress Joanna Lumley is also a former model, a human rights activist who supports the Ghurkhas and an animal welfare activist.

Awarded an OBE for her work, Joanna is a role model and truly one of the country’s gems.

Lior Suchard

Do you believe in mind-reading? After seeing Lior Suchard in action, it is hard not to.

His jaw-dropping performance of mind reading, thought influencing, predicting and telekinesis have earned him international acclaim as a top class supernatural entertainment and mentalist.

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