10 Keynote Sales Speakers To Inspire High Performance

6 January 2021

How we sell in the pandemic, and post-pandemic world, will begin to feel a lot different from what it was before. Whether your industry is thriving or surviving, booking a keynote sales speaker to discuss the changes which are taking place, not just from your teams perspective, but our customers too, will put your teams on the road to success.

The pandemic has forced consumers to shop online more than ever before. Sales teams need to work remotely, in COVID secure environments, and especially for those who used to meet clients on the road, adapt to a 'new normal'. Our customers have different needs than before, they are under greater pressures due to the economic situation and are looking to their trusted suppliers for advice, expertise and solutions.

Internally, our teams need support to build resilience that comes with selling during a pandemic and global recession. Perhaps they need to shift their mindsets and become more entrepreneurial, or is it about creating a premium offering which your competitors can't compete with?

There's lots of questions right now...and booking an external keynote sales speaker is just the ticket to boost the performance of your teams. From innovative industry game changers to entrepreneurs, communication and behavioural specialists to retail icons, we've come up with our 10 top keynote sales speakers to inspire high performance.

Mark Jeffries

Before becoming a communications consultant for some of the world’s largest businesses, Mark Jeffries was a Merrill Lynch stockbroker. Adept in offering businesses advice on how to seduce and influence their competitors, Mark delivers energetic keynotes which offer communication techniques to build trust, success & connection; from networking to negotiation, from reading signals to delivering positivity, and from secrets of the politicians to the psychology of becoming a problem solver.

Bianca Miller-Cole

Young, confident, knowledgeable and flush with the success of her enterprise, Bianca Miller-Cole founded The Be Group in 2012 and her hosiery brand Bianca Miller London. While the fledgling ideas of her business began to form, Bianca spent some time working in financial recruitment, where she honed her ‘personal branding’ skills before deciding that personal development and skills training were her strength and calling. After making to the 2014 final of 'The Apprentice', Bianca now inspires audiences with her determined passion and entrepreneurial skill.

Lee Warren

An expert in behavioural persuasion and influential communication, Lee Warren  blends together psychology and sales with his background as a performer to teach others the secrets to being an outstanding business communicator. In an ever cut-throat industry, Lee’s keynotes and workshops give business leaders the skills for making that all important impact. You can watch Lee in action when he spoke at the Speakers Corner Virtual Masterclass: Sales, Marketing and Communication in a Changing World .

Kirsty Spraggon

Kirsty Spraggon's couageous story inspires audiences to take actionable strategies which have lifechanging results. Kirsty uses compassion, strength, and her signature Australian humour, to shift the tone of an event to drive change, challenge the status quo and accelerate personal growth. A former high-flying sales professional, ranked in the top 1 % of 120,000 sales agents worldwide, Kirsty has cultivated a worldwide following with her videos receiving over 1.7m views worldwide.

Gilan Gork

Professional mentalist and marketing expert Gilan Gork  provides corporate audiences with powerful psychological tools - from heuristics to body language - to enhance their performance at work and the success of their businesses. An interactive keynote speaker, Gilan covers topics such as motivation, persuasion and communication in the context of leadership, negotiations and sales and he believes that 'influence' is a learned and key marker to true succees.

Mary Portas

'Queen of Shops' Mary Portas  is the UK's leading authority on retail and branding. As a retail guru working on high-profile and high street brands, presenting her own show and running her own agency, Mary is a recognisable face and is known for her upfront honesty and clear professional advice. How does Mary continue to build success in business? Balancing your ego.

Jonas Kjellberg

Serial entrepreneur, investor and author, Jonas Kjellberg is the former Managing Director of Skype and was part of the founding team - a simple, innovative idea that has gone on to revolutionize the telecommunications sector. A commanding keynote speaker, he addresses all aspects of contemporary business in the tech sector and beyond, including entrepreneurialism, disruption, innovation, sales, customer experience, culture and growth. He believes that recruiting smarter at the outset can dramatically change the way your sales perform and how you succeed with purpose and innovation.

Michelle Mone OBE

Founding CEO of lingerie company Ultimo, Michelle Mone OBE is one of the country's leading female entrepreneurs. Aiming to help women to look their best, Michelle has succeeded against business adversity to make it to the top of the industry. An expert in fashion and business, Michele knows that taking risks and using her intuition are the true keys to sales success.

Alan O'Neil

Alan took on the challenge of turning around the once regarded ‘sleeping giant’ Selfridges, and as a result achieved the official title of Best Department Store in the World. A change management expert, Alan also talks about 'obsessive customer service', retail thinking,and high performance strategies to grow your business. He took on the challenge of turning around the ‘sleeping giant’ that was Selfridges, and as a result achieved the title of Best Department Store in the World.

Anis Qizilbash

Anis Qizilbash delivers imaginative stories and inspiring keynotes to persuade audiences to stop fear-based selling and start to serve, connect and engage clients and stakeholders alike. With over two decades of sales experience, Anis provides incredible mindfulness techniques to transform mental readiness and move forwards from setbacks to uncover new lucrative opportunities.

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