Blog 10 Speakers Share Their Secrets To Lasting Sales Success

10 Speakers Share Their Secrets To Lasting Sales Success

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There's no question that sales can be a tough industry. On great days it's closing deals and realising your entrepreneurial dreams. But along the grind it's tackling competition, product issues, and ever-looming KPI's. So, how can businesses create that lasting success we work so hard to obtain?
We turned to the titans of sales to see what secrets they might share.

From innovative industry game changer Jonas Kjellberg and the mind-bending magic of Gilan Gork, to the cult-like brand loyalty of Johnny Cupcakes and the creativity and drive of Mary Portas, learn the surprising sales secrets that have helped them make their success last.

Johnny (Cupcakes) Earle - Fail


If you dream of inspiring cult-like brand loyalty — the kind that involves mile-long queues and even permanent tattoos — Johnny is for you. The founder of the world-renowned tee-shirt brand Johnny Cupcakes is known for helping others create blueprints for building brand loyalty, creating memorable experiences, and inspiring innovation. Which is why at our 2018 Knowledge Guild Johnny cited 'failure' as his secret recipe to sales success.

"You inspire innovation by not saying 'no' and by embracing failure. Look at failures as experiments. Failures are as valuable as success is".

Lee Warren - Connect


An expert in behavioural persuasion and influential communication, Lee Warren blends together psychology and sales with his background as a performer to teach others the secrets to being an outstanding business communicator. In an ever cut-throat industry, Lee’s keynotes and workshops give business leaders the skills for making that all important impact.

During an In Conversation With interview at Speakers Corner, Lee advised people to stop following fast tips for success and take the time to connect with your audiences. 

"When you're in a role of sales, and do a sales pitch, that's when you get to make a difference. If you're trying to build your credibility internally, it's your ability to speak about what you do, or connect with other people and build repor with other people, that's what's going to make you stand out and help you go further, fatser."

Jez Ros - Say 'Thank you!


Behaviour specialist, customer service expert and international keynote speaker, Jez Rose has delivered techniques for changing behaviour in the workplace to some of the world’s largest brands, including Disney, Vodafone, Dell and Volkswagen. His energetic, humorous presentations aim to improve personal performance, achieve excellent customer service, and encourage organisations to put people at the heart of their business strategies. Which is why he believes a simple 'Thank you' is a strong and effective way to make a lasting connection with customers. 

"Thank you is the most important thing you can give to your customers but it must be hand written. This is about people! You need to feel valued and you need to feel wanted and respected and a little bit loved like everyone else in the world. It's one small part of innate human desires and needs."

Mary Portas - Balance your ego


'Queen of Shops' Mary Portas is the UK's leading authority on retail and branding. As a retail guru working on high-profile and high street brands, presenting her own show and running her own agency, Mary is a recognisable face and is known for her upfront honesty and clear professional advice. How does Mary continue to build success in business? Balancing your ego. 

"Balancing your ego is the most important thing, because success fuels ego - and that is not easy sometimes. When you're in the public eye, people see that as success and it's just not.

Gilan Gork - Influence others


Professional mentalist and marketing expert Gilan Gork provides corporate audiences with powerful psychological tools - from heuristics to body language - to enhance their performance at work and the success of their businesses. An interactive keynote speaker, Gilan covers topics such as motivation, persuasion and communication in the context of leadership, negotiations and sales and he believes that 'influence' is a learned and key marker to true succees. 

"Influence can be learned. And when you invest in your ability to develop influence, it pays back dividens."

Jonas Kjellberg - Recruit smarter


Serial entrepreneur, investor and author, Jonas Kjellberg is the former Managing Director of Skype and was part of the founding team - a simple, innovative idea that has gone on to revolutionize the telecommunications sector. A commanding keynote speaker, he addresses all aspects of contemporary business in the tech sector and beyond, including entrepreneurialism, disruption, innovation, sales, customer experience, culture and growth. He believes that recruiting smarter at the outset can dramatically change the way your sales perform and how you succeed with purpose and innovation. 

"Do you recruit gamechangers that think differently and are willing to go to the edge of uncertainty to redefine the company? Or, are you just recruiting outperformers? There's nothing wrong with outperformers, but they will play a totally different game. Are you recruiting outperformers or do you need to recruit gamechangers? It's up to you."

Michelle Mone OBE - Take risks and follow your intuition


Founding CEO of lingerie company Ultimo, Michelle Mone OBE is one of the country's leading female entrepreneurs. Aiming to help women to look their best, Michelle has succeeded against business adversity to make it to the top of the industry. An expert in fashion and business, Michele knows that taking risks and using her intuition are the true keys to sales success. 

"Large parts of my career have been built on risk-taking and using my intuition, and I hope that the more corporate audiences can see that there is a place for these traits in business."

Anis Qizilbash - Be mindful


Anis Qizilbash delivers imaginative stories and inspiring keynotes to persuade audiences to stop fear-based selling and start to serve, connect and engage clients and stakeholders alike. With over two decades of sales experience, Anis provides incredible mindfulness techniques to transform mental readiness and move forwards from setbacks to uncover new lucrative opportunities. 

"When you notice yourself getting stressed, take action to get present so you can empty your mind of the thoughts causing you stress. Take a walk or listen to your breathing for one or two minutes. Punctuating your day with these pauses gives your mind (and body) the relief it needs to restore balance, the space to correct course."

Tony Morris - Be clear


As a sales expert and motivational speaker, Tony Morris helps lead individuals and organisations to incredible success. He delivers over a hundred talks a year in his unique, energetic style to corporations and at events all over the Globe, showing companies how to increase their bottom line, build long-term customer loyalty, sales, and gain referrals. What are one of his key values in sales success? Be clear and have a goal!

"When you get on the train, what's the first thing you know? Where it's going. But as sales people do we do that when we pick up the phone? Do we have a crystal clear goal of what we're looking to achieve?"

Alan O'Neil - Communicate


Alan took on the challenge of turning around the once regarded ‘sleeping giant’ Selfridges, and as a result achieved the official title of Best Department Store in the World.

A change management expert, Alan also talks about 'obsessive customer service', retail thinking,and high performance strategies to grow your business. He took on the challenge of turning around the ‘sleeping giant’ that was Selfridges, and as a result achieved the title of Best Department Store in the World.

"Training on its own is not enough if you want to embed customer-centricity as a new culture. You need to almost over-communicate with your people to ensure they get it. Take time also to listen to them as they will tell you what obstacles are stopping them from giving great service every day."

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