Alastair Campbell Lectures at Cambridge University

18 November 2013

Former press secretary and political keynote speaker , Alastair Campbell will act as a visiting lecturer at Cambridge University.

Alastair  will carry out a series of lectures defending journalism as a profession and he will argue that it is ‘a central pillar of democracy.’ He will also talk about why he feels positively about the future of the British media and politics.

Alastair will speak to his students about the statement he made to the Leveson inquiry regarding press ethics; he said ‘there are serious and endemic shortcomings in the culture, practices and ethics of the British media.’

The first lecture focuses on ‘the importance, power and attraction of journalism and its centrality to a liberal democracy’. In the second lecture, Alastair looks at ‘challenges facing journalists, and the potential for positive changes in how journalism is conducted and regulated.’

In addition to his views on journalism, Alastair discusses social media, Wikileaks and the Edward Snowden revelations about national security.

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