Interview An Interview with Alex Crow

An Interview with Alex Crow

Alex will dazzle and amaze with his mystfying mindreading and incredible magic. Alex is the psychic entertainer who brings something different to any event.

Alex Crow

Which was your favourite event and why?

Last year I was flown to Prague to perform after dinner for a large conference for a well-known computer company. There were 800 people in the audience of all nationalities and 30% were Russian who couldn’t speak any English. Yet despite this the show went down really well because I had anticipated the potential problems and found a way to circumvent them.

How did working in the corporate sector start?

I think probably someone saw me at a private party and asked me to perform for their company function and from there (just performing walkabout mindreading) I went on to develop my stage show and now that is predominately what I do.

If you could perform at any event, past or future, what would it be?

I would like to perform at my 100th birthday party!

Which artist do you most admire?

Derren Brown.

How do you like to be introduced?

I have my own introduction on video or CD or sometimes a speaker will take something from my website, typically: “Alex Crow served for 15yrs in the Metropolitan Police in London and then left to pursue his wild dreams of performing for a living. After years of studying body language, NLP, Psychology and with a healthy dose of intuition and many other techniques, Alex is now regarded as one of the top mind readers in the UK”.

Do you have any funny/embarrassing anecdotes you care to share?

Last Christmas, after an event, I was approached by five girls who had been in the audience and told that two of them were pregnant and could I determine the sex of the unborn babies. I approached one very obviously pregnant lady, gently placed my hand on her belly and confidently stated that it would be a boy I then went to the woman next to her and went to do the same when she indignantly said that it wasn’t her that was pregnant, she was just a bit overweight!

Do you have any riders or special requirements?

White lilies to be placed in my dressing room, a bowl full of smarties (no blue ones), Perrier mineral water, red cushions on the chairs and sandalwood incense - just kidding! No riders or special requirements.

Your favourite film?

Favourite book?

Favourite holiday destination?

Egypt - cruising on the Nile.

What’s your tipple?

Red Wine.

Country or townie?

A bit of both!

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