Marvellous Magicians: Our Magic 8 Ball Shines the Light on Business Awards Entertainment

29 July 2019

As many businesses start to organise their annual business awards nights, we decided to investigate some different entertainment options. We have one question for you, do you believe in magic? Frank W. Abagnale is one of the world's most respected authorities on the subjects of forgery, embezzlement and secure documents, and is the real-life star behind the hit film Catch Me If You Can.

With a selection of exceptionally talented magicians bringing Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can to life, we have pulled together a collection of entertainers  wowing audiences with their sleight of hand, illusions, mind-reading and humour. A wonderful option to entertain the crowds as they eagerly await to find out who has won the awards for the year.

Just a hat full of some of the incredible magicians on hand for some wonderful after-dinner entertainment , wave your wand through these experts  and fill your mind with the possibilities for your event.

One of the few female magicians on the circuit, Billy Kidd continues to wow the corporate circuit with her sleight of hand, humour and cheeky style. Classically trained in ballet, tap and hip-hop dance as well as the piano with a BFA is Acting from the U of A, she established a career in film, theatre and television. Trying her hand at theatre magic, it became a passion and she set her sights on a career as a magician. Learning the art of magic and street performance from Gazzo, she has since performed globally on numerous TV programs, Cruise Ships, Corporate events, and Festivals. Charming and talented, Billy’s magic skills and sleight of hand artfully entertain any audience.

Arguably, the world’s most famous magician and endurance artist who has captured several Guinness World Records for his feats, David Blaine amazes audiences around the world with his awe-inspiring body of work. Cementing himself in people minds through the documentary Street Magic, David is an extraordinary artist who pushes himself to the limit to showcase the strength that lies dormant in all of us. One of only two speakers to receive a standing ovation at the 2009 TEDMED Conference, David is the centre of many high-profile, televised stunts, including being buried alive, living underwater and hanging in a glass box over London’s River Thames for 44 days. Let your curiosity get the better and find out what he could do at your event!

James Phelan has a unique prank-focused style which is both jaw-dropping and laugh-out-loud funny. Between sell-out theatre shows, upcoming TV and radio projects and performances for royalty, he has gained rapid traction in the realm of comedy and magic. James’ live shows boast an evening of hilarious, mind-blowing magic where it’s said that anything can happen. With several million video views under his belt, a newly commissioned flagship radio magic show for the BBC, and a celebrity packed TV project on the way, James has proved himself to be one of the most anticipated magical performers in a generation. He is definitely one to watch.

Do you believe in mind-reading? After seeing Lior Suchard in action, it gets really hard not to. With the ability to delve into your innermost thoughts, and know what you are going to say before you even open your mouth, he continually leaves audiences stunned. Having been asked to appear to stun Hollywood A-listers including James Spader, Kim Kardashian, Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner and Jimmy Fallon, it’s no surprise that his tricks have gone viral. His jaw-dropping performance of mind reading, thought influencing, predicting and telekinesis have earned him international acclaim as a top-class supernatural entertainment and mentalist - just imagine the incredible reaction you’ll get from your event.

Blending together a masterful mix of illusions and off-beat comedy, Ali Cook  is an incredible entertainer with a twist. Racking up a host of five-star reviews from his solo shows and stints at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, he has cemented his name on the comedy circuit as a fresh and exciting talent. Ali's unbelievable dexterity and mind-blowing magic continue to wow audiences everywhere. An ideal choice for a spectacular after-dinner performer , Ali will leave the audience staring in wonderment.

Being mentored by the legendary Penn & Teller Magic, Kevin Quantum paused his physics PHD 10 years ago to study a career in illusion. His spellbinding blend of both magic and science consistently leave audiences gasping in amazement. Having appeared in several BBC documentaries including Titanic and Dissection, he is the first magician to perform at the Globe Theatre in London. his solo show Illuminations sold over 5000 tickets at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Showcasing stunning illusions, Kevin has designed state of the art tricks and fused them with mind-blowing science, resulting in a show that people will talk about long after the event is over.

Alex Crow  is a Psychic Entertainer who amazes and bamboozles audiences with his incredible mind-reading skills and magic! An intimate performance style, Alex astounds guests by reaching the innermost parts of their minds to reveal their thoughts, gets them to experience weird sensations and performs other bizarre magic. A perfect entertainer for an awards night, with his ability to make people feel odd sensations, read their minds, and describe the impossible, Alex brings something a little different to corporate events.

Simon Pierro is known as a digital magician without parallel. A star on stage and TV screens for more than a decade, Simon takes audiences to places they’ve never been, using a technological marvel they know and love — an iPad! Pouring beer from a tap attached to its screen, pulling oversized objects out of the iPad’s display, and even shooting Angry Birds out of Apple’s tablet - No feat is too large or too small for this master iPad magician. Leading the world of magic into a new dimension, he merges the history of magic with technological advancements of the world, creating a new genre of performance.

Stunning audiences with their slight of hand, find out more about these incredible magicians and see how they could revolutionise and rejuvenate your entire event!

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