Interview An Interview With Dominic Holland

An Interview With Dominic Holland

Professional comedian, journalist, blogger and awards host, Dominic Holland is one of the most popular corporate acts on the after-dinner circuit, and a star of British TV.

Dominic Holland

On average, how many corporates do you do per year?

I perform approx 70 corporate events a year - from big national awards in the Great Room, down to intimate after dinner speeches in boutique hotels and other obscure venues. 

Favourite venue?

My favourite corporate venue is anywhere on Park Lane.

Which has been your favourite event so far and why?

I recently performed under the wings of Concorde in the new conference suite at manchester airport.

Do you have any funny/embarrassing anecdotes you care to share?

My toughest gig was when a lady got so drunk at the event - she whipped her top off and draped her breasts over the bald head of the CEO - the company of which shall remain nameless.intimate after dinner speches in boutique hotels and other obscure venues.

No matter how tough the gig – I have never walked early - in 15 years of doing corporate shows.

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