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Interview An Interview With Martin McCourt

An Interview With Martin McCourt

Former Chief Executive of Dyson, Martin McCourt, is an innovative thinker with great knowledge of sales and marketing in some of the world’s most successful companies.

Martin McCourt

What was the most challenging step on the journey from being a start up to an organisation with a global reach?

My experience of start ups is that they are most challenged right at the start due to limited resources, cash/systems/people, and unlocking growth given these barriers can be a huge challenge. It is easy to talk about scaling up but much harder to make it happen.

How did you have to adapt from working as part of a large organisation to being part of a smaller one?

The biggest change I have found is that there are fewer resources so you have to roll your sleeves up. I quite like that and it is a good experience for everyone in business to have a taste of 'tight' working!

How did you change the way you worked in order to successfully break into new markets?

When multiple new markets are your goal then you have to be prepared to flex your plans to accommodate local nuances, cultural and competitor landscape. Maintaining a strong, consistent identity is important but so too is being prepared to adapt, market by market.

When you are not working, how do you like to relax?

I like to play tennis (badly!) and catch up with friends and family. My wife, Liane, and I often travel together. There are so many places where I have not visited or I did so but was not paying attention because I was working!

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