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Market genius Sir Terry Leahy is the former CEO of supermarket Tesco. Leading the supermarket to retail dominance through implementing adventurous schemes and expanding internationally, Terry is well-placed to impart his market knowledge and wisdom on the corporate circuit.  Shaping customer loyalty and branding, Terry is an excellent keynote business speaker.

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As the former CEO of Tesco, Sir Terry Leahy is one of the most admired  business  leaders in the world. Knighted in 2002 for his services to food retailing, he is well known for successfully turning around Tesco to become the largest chain in Britain, transforming the country’s supermarket industry and disrupting the businesses of its competitors. Experts credit Leahy’s success to his hands-on style and marketing prowess, while Leahy places focus on experience and low-key  leadership .

Sir Terry published a book on his management lessons, sharing his essential leadership skills which emerged from his intensive turnaround of the company. The book aims to share with managers across the world what makes a great business and how they can inspire their own businesses to move forward.

Sir Terry is in high demand on the speaking circuit, and his countless speeches on management have garnered standing ovations and critical acclaim. He stresses that effective leadership does matter in the success of an organisation and believes that a truly effective leader is defined by what they influence others to achieve. He explains (and exemplifies) that a good leader takes individuals further than they would go on their own, and he directs managers to pass this idea along to their own employees, encouraging them to become leaders too.

2008 saw Sir Terry to be nominated by Retail Week as Retail Leader of the Year. From 2005 to 2010, he was voted as Britain’s Most Admired Leader by Management Today and in 2004 he was named European Businessman of the year by FORTUNE magazine. In 2010, he received the Daily Telegraph’s Award for a Decade of Excellence in Business, a Lifetime Achievement award from Director magazine and was voted Business Person of the Year by the Sunday Times. In 2011, he received two awards from Retail Week: the Lifetime Achievement Award and Retail Leader of the Year.

Sir Terry was educated at St. Edwards College, Liverpool and then went on to the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology where he gained his BSc (Hons) in management sciences.

Since leaving Tesco, Sir Terry joined B&M Retail's Board as Chairman in December 2012, and is a senior adviser to CD&R. He is also a Director of Blackcircles.com.

Able to confidently educate audiences on business change, marketing, innovation and customer loyalty, Sir Terry is a brilliant keynote speaker for the corporate circuit.

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