Celebrating the Business Book Awards 2019

26 March 2019

Tonight marks the annual  Business Book Awards 2019 , celebrating the best in business books . We've trawled through our little book of contacts to see if we knew any of the shortlisted authors - and it turns out we know quite a few!

So without further ado, please put your hands together for the shortlisted candidates in their respective categories;

Start-up Inspiration

Kirsty Hulse - The Future is Freelance: Discovering the Power and Possibilities of Flexible Working

Kirsty is the founder and MD of Manyminds and Co-Founder of disruptive marketing agency, and spends her time working with freelances in remote teams globally, and evangelising how companies of all sizes do their best creative work. With clients ranging from Virgin Atlantic, IBM and Claire's, she has truly disrupted the way global companies outsource their marketing efforts.

HR & Management

Julian Birkinshaw - Mind Tools for Managers: 100 Ways to be a Better Boss

Julian is a leading international business figure, author, management and leadership guru and Professor and Chair of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the London Business School. His main area of expertise is in the strategy and organisation of large corporations, and specifically covers topics including innovation, corporate entrepreneurship, strategic agility and headquarters-subsidiary relationships.

Embracing Change

Minter Dial - Heartificial Empathy: Putting Heart into Business and Artificial Intelligence

Jonathan MacDonald  - Powered by Change: How to Design Your Business for Perpetual Success

President and founder of the boutique agency, The Myndset Company, Minter Dial is an expert on Branding and Digital Strategy. Working with major brands including Samsung, Orange, Kering and L’Oreal, his topics ranging from new tech trends, branding in the digital era, digital marketing strategy to eReputation management.

An expert in changing business models and a recent visitor to Speakers Corner HQ, Jonathan is an entrepreneur and businessman, and has created and executed commercial and digital strategies for companies globally. Challenging thinking and providing new perspectives and avenues of thought, particularly on the topics of disruptive innovation, future trends and how to use change to fuel outstanding business and personal success, his clients include the likes of Google, Apple, P&G, Unilever, Nestlé, Microsoft and IKEA.


Pippa Malmgren  - The Leadership Lab: Understanding Leadership in the 21st Century

A former presidential adviser to George Bush and UBS Deputy Head of Global Strategy, Pippa brings together insights about politics, geopolitics, markets and policy that signal critical and investable trends. Advising how to better understand risk and the movement of prices across the economic landscape, she sits on several advisory boards including the British Ministry of Defence and was named as one of the Fifty Top Inspiring Women in the UK.

Self Development

Sam Conniff  - Be More Pirate: Or How to Take On the World and Win

Andy Cope - Shine: Rediscovering Your Energy, Happiness and Purpose

Sam is a multi-award winning serial social entrepreneur, and co-founder and former CEO of Livity, Don’t Panic and Live Magazine. Mentoring thousands of talented young entrepreneurs and an advocate of ‘business as 'unusual’ and a purpose-driven strategy, he has consulted brands such as Red Bull, Unilever and PlayStation.

Describing himself as a qualified teacher, author, happiness expert and recovering academic, Andy’s University PhD was 12 years in the making and while he appreciates that his ‘Dr of Happiness’ label is terribly cheesy, it does afford him an important media platform. In times of rising depression and an epidemic of ‘busyness’, Andy believes there has never been a more appropriate time to raise the wellbeing agenda.

Lee Warren  - The Busy Person's Guide To Great Presenting: Become a Compelling, Confident Presenter. Every Time.

Fiona Murden - Defining You: How to Profile Yourself and Unlock Your Full Potential

Lee is an expert in behavioural persuasion and influential communication, blending together psychology and sales with his background as a performer to teach others the secrets to being an outstanding business communicator. In an ever cut-throat industry, Lee’s keynotes and workshops give business leaders the skills for making that all important impact.

Fiona is a Chartered Psychologist, author and stimulating public speaker who has spent the past eighteen years working with multi-national companies and some of the UK’s most successful business leaders, policy makers and sports people assess their fit, strengths and the risks in relation to the role that they are being hired for.

Short Business Books

John Adair - Lessons in Leadership: 12 Key Concepts

Simon Tyler - The Attitude Book: 50 Ways to Make Positive Change in Your Work and Life

John is one of the world’s leading authorities on leadership and leadership development. Over a million managers worldwide have taken part in the Action-Centred Leadership programmes he pioneered. John worked with Sir John Harvey-Jones at ICI introducing a leadership development strategy that helped to change the loss-making, bureaucratic giant into the first British company to make a billion pounds profit.

Simon is an inspirational speaker, facilitator, and coach and as the Simplicity & Impact Guru, he is renowned for his ability to cut through endless complication and frustration, enabling leaders, executives, CEOs, managers and business teams to enhance their impact and liberate more of their potential. A pioneer in the field of personal growth, specifically in the power of attitude, simplicity and impact he has worked with over 750 leaders and executives including ANZ Bank, BP, Lloyds Banking Group and PPG.

We wish everyone all the best tonight, and keep an eye out for Nick Gold  and Lucy Baily  who will be there cheering everyone along!

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