Can Silicon Valley Save Us? Jamie Bartlett Finds Out

10 August 2017

Author, journalist and tech blogger, Jamie Bartlett explores the reality behind Silicon Valley in his new documentary. Uncovering whether the tech giants can actually deliver on their promise to better the world and what exactly this means for life as we know it, Jamie seeks to expose what the idea of ‘disruption’ actually means.

In the series, which began on Sunday 6th August 2017, Jamie meets people who claim they can reverse climate change, create sustainable burgers and connect cities in unimaginable ways. He visits Uber’s offices in San Francisco and hears the company’s claim to be improving our cities.

But, beneath all this glittering exterior Jamie begins to unveil some serious issues. He meets with a former Facebook executive who has armed himself with a gun and lives off the grid, because he fears this new revolution could lead to social breakdown and the collapse of capitalism. Does this former executive have a message we all should be listening to?

Jamie looks to find out. You can catch the second episode in this series on BBC 2, Sunday 13th August at 9pm.

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