Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and entrepreneur Sarma Sheema are part of C4's Indian winter season

18 January 2010

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay  and entrepreneur Seema Sharma are two of the latest to have programmes in Channel 4's Indian winter season.

Last night in Slumdog Secret Millionaire, we saw British Indian entrepreneur Seema give away large donations to worthy causes in the slums of Mumbai.  She donated money to a toy initiative, a mobile school, as well as a family living on the streets.

Whilst his wife Tana Ramsay is busy practicing her routines for Dancing on Ice, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been travelling through India to get back to grass routes cooking.  In a 3 part series starting tonight which continues tomorrow and Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 4, Gordon presents Great Escapes where we will see him cooking on the streets, teaching and being taught by some wonderful Indian chefs.  After years of throwing scorn at veggies, Gordon will also be taking a much closer look at vegetarianism.

There is also book Gordon Ramsay's Great Escape: 100 of My Favourite Indian Recipes  to accompany the series.

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