News Dick and Dom to Present New CBBC Show

Dick and Dom to Present New CBBC Show

Dick and Dom are to present an educational show about science for the CBBC.

CBBC and CBeebies have revealed a host of new, educational shows about science in an attempt to show that the topic is anything but boring. The shows will be presented by already established children’s TV presenters and new talents.

BAFTA award winning presenters, Dick and Dom, will be presenting Absolute Genius. The show will take viewers on a fact-filled, explosion-filled journey, exploring the work of some of the most important and influential inventors and scientists from history. From Archimedes to Newton, the show will combine exciting experiments with animations to portray the inventions and theories that have shaped the world around us.

Tim Fitzhigham will also be presenting a show called Super Human Challenge which will search the world for people with real super powers. Along with the Mission Doctor, Megan John, Tim will pit himself against these people to see just how super human they really are. Using science, technology and animations, viewers will see just how amazing the human body can be and what it can achieve.

This is all in an attempt to make science fun again. As the Director for Children’s BBC, Joe Godwin, stated, ‘The best children’s programmes educate and inform kids without them even realising! I hope our new raft of science-themed shows will not only entertain children but inspire the next generation of scientists and inventors.’

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