Blog Gold Medals, Motivation, Politics & Comedy | The Week That Was at Speakers Corner

Gold Medals, Motivation, Politics & Comedy | The Week That Was at Speakers Corner

What a week it has been! The temperature has shifted, marking the count down to Christmas (yes, it is near approaching!), autumn leaves have started to leave their orange hue across walkways and the first of October marks the beginning of wellies, coats and pumkin spiced lattes.

We’ve had an influx of speakers into the office this week, and have been out and about around London catching others in action. We all love this aspect of our job, being in the fortunate position that we are, we get to meet, listen and be inspired by some of the incredible people that fill our little book of contacts.

So, without further ado, this is what Speakers Corner got up to this week!

Alex Gregory


Sharing his inspirational story of his fighting struggle for Olympic Gold, Alex opened up about what it was like on the way to becoming a world champion. Moving through the ups and downs, the many times he almost walked away, the triumphs, challenges and what the moment felt like once he had won his Olympic Gold medal! A true inspiration with many lessons on leadership, teamwork, culture, overcoming pressure and his new venture, Dadventures. Check out his Q&A here!

Jim Lawless


Jim popped in to film the latest edition of In Conversation with Nick, chatting about how he got into the wonderful world of speaking, his motivational story, how to make change happen and overcome personal barriers. It was such a fascinating discussion, make sure you give it a watch!

Alisdair Beckett-King


Dani hit the streets of London to see comedian Alisdair Beckett King entertain the crowd. Everyone chuckled their way through the set, some even had tears in their eyes (we are hoping they were happy tears!) as Alisdair entered this galaxy to show the hilarious side to the daily tasks’ humans get up to. What a laugh!

Cathy Newman


Cathy spoke at an event about the importance of women in politics that Sophie attended. Diving into the women who have influenced British politics throughout the 20th century, she eloquently wove in her own experiences as a reporter, talking about how one of the great challenges women have always faced in public life is abuse and bullying it's just now made easier by the internet.

Julia Gillard


Hosting the event with grace and humour was the Former Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard. She led the Q&A with Cathy Newman and Professor Rosie Campbell, asking some pressing questions while keeping the audience entertained. A fascinating discussion with some incredible insights into women in politics.

And a big thank you to Ian Stone who dropped in for a quick hello, bringing with him some delicious goodies for the office to enjoy. What a wonderful way to end this busy week at the Speakers Corner towers!

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