Blog Let's Tackle the Future of Data Head On...

Let's Tackle the Future of Data Head On...

Security, big data, digitalization, AI, blockchain. Buzzwords which cause strife in organisations across the globe. We’ve seen a thirst for information, and solutions, from our clients, who want to know everything from the basics – (what actually is big data?), to the complexities – how will digitalization affect my workplace in 10 years’ time?

The ongoing conversation about data is a complex one. On the one hand, we are seeing a demand in the need for internet legislation, and more clarity on what the big techs like Google and Facebook can do with our data. On the other hand, we’re excited by the positive changes it can bring to society.

But, does it really feel like an urgent problem to us? Will we stop sharing our lives on the internet, or avoid sites that use cookies?

On a topic like security and data, it can be hard to reach conclusions on our own and know which sources to trust. We think it is one of the areas where it is vital to hear an expert’s opinion – there is real value in having an external voice who knows the complexities but is able to communicate them to you in a digestible way.

Some people are frightened about what the future of work might look like under the effect of mass-digitalization and AI (i.e. ‘will robots take our jobs?’). But this is solved by education.


Why not let John Straw tackle the DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organisation), so your company doesn’t need to fear the future? John uses memorable examples, like Amazon GO, to show us the positive benefits AI has already integrated into society, as well as explaining the potentials for the future. Although some aspects are terrifying (ask him about the Alpha Go computer that encrypted itself!), John delivers complex ideas in digestible chunks.

Top-level technologist, Inma Martinez, is a pioneer in personalized AI and disruptive technologies. She’s been in the game since the 90s, long before AI became a buzzword for the masses! Hearing from Inma means hearing from a Firestarter and might just give you the upper hand when it comes to emerging trends.

For a slightly different spin on digital technology, Natalie Nahai offers insights into web psychology. Why are we attracted to click bait? Why do some online ads annoy us, and others captivate us? Do we like personalized content? How does the context and style affect our feeling? These are just a few of the questions Natalie can tackle, (plus any more you may have on the spot!).

If you like musing on the once-unimaginable, Geoff White is the man. From cyber crime and hacking, to realizing that the internet is just one very long cable under the seabed (really!), Geoff taps into the darkest corners. Paradoxically, listening to eerie tales about the dark web can actually leave you feeling more in control about the future.


The future of business in relation to digitalization one of Andrew Grill’s favourite topics. In the wake of mass disruption, Andrew teaches us not to fear change, but embrace it. He makes digital transformation not only feel necessary, but tangible and achievable.

With the help of our expert speakers, it becomes easier to see digitalization as something highly exciting, and a driver of innovation. The possibilities overtake the communal fear-mongering, and both companies and individuals can take back control with plans for moving forward.

Who knows, you might leave the room as a digital transformer yourself!

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