News Max McKeown's New Strategy Book

Max McKeown's New Strategy Book

Management guru MaxMcKeown is a key British business thinker. His latest publication The Strategy Book gives an insight into the future.

"Strategy is about shaping the future,” says McKeown. “ That's the best definition I can give you; and the reason that we are interested. As a strategist, it can also help to understand some of the different arguments about what strategy is and is not. You don't have to know the whole history.

You don't have to get a doctorate or an MBA. But it's helpful to be informed."

Max is author of The Truth About Innovation, The Strategy Book and Adaptability. Speaker, Expert, Consultant - a new breed of management guru, Max is one of the key British business thinkers of our era and a shining star on the conference speaker circuit covering innovation and leadership topics.

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