Olympic rower & motivational speaker, Sir Steve Redgrave will cycle 3,000 miles in the Race Across America

4 May 2010

Since winning 5 Olympic Golds, Sir Steve Redgrave spends has become a highly regarded motivational speaker inspiring others with his talks on teamwork and peak performance.  He also works tirelessly raising money for charity.  The Steve Redgrave Fund has raised far in excess of its original target of £5m since its inception in 2001.

With an opportunity to raise a further £100,000, Steve Redgrave, together with a team of friends and former rowers, is embarking on the toughest cycle race in the world - the Race Across America.

The team of 8 will cycle from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland in a 3,000 mile route covering 14 states, climbing 100,000ft and enduring extreme weather conditions.

Asked about the motivation to enter the race, Sir Steve said: “I was looking for something that would enable me to raise money for my charity and challenge me to train hard again and get some real fitness back.

“RAAM is an unbelievable race and I’m really lucky to be doing it with a group of old friends, who I know I can rely on to put everything they’ve got into both the fund-raising and the ride itself. I know when we get out there we’re going to want to achieve the best we can and will push ourselves to the limit.”

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