Our Monthly Speaker Round-Up: Who Dropped In?

11 October 2018

Every week we're lucky enough to be visited by some amazing people who have something important to say. People with stories so inspiring that we've made it our mission to help share them with as many people as possible. For this month's round-up we thought we'd give you the inside scoop on who's popped by and inspired us recently.

Matt Lindley

Matt is a serving airline pilot and former RAF pilot who applies his experiences in leadership, accountability and culture to the business world. When he paid us a visit, it was clear that he's a born speaker – his style is effortless and engaging, and offers a unique approach to both human error in the workplace and diversity. Matt was one of the first openly gay pilots in the service; his story is unique and leaves a lasting impression on any audience.

Helena Langdon

Head of Digital and Communities at Innocent, Helena dropped by the office to shed an entertaining light on Innocent’s approach to social media and customer service, illustrating how a willingness to communicate openly and naturally with the people who buy their stuff has proved invaluable to Innocent’s digital success.

Helena Langdon, The Driving Force Behind Innocent's Social Media Campaigns, Shares Her Top Strategies With Us

Liz Bonnin

Well, what can we say about Liz's visit? As a biochemist, wild animal biologist and TV presenter, we had endless questions for her! From sustainability and the impact of plastics, to fascinating stories of her experiences with wild animals, Liz shared her stories with an energetic and charismatic delivery.

Nancy Doyle

When Nancy came to our office, she spoke to us about the importance of having a diverse workforce and her work in supporting adults with neuro-differences in the workplace.

An Interview with Occupational Psychologist Nancy Doyle on Neurodiversity

Geoff White

Speaking about the fast-paced and ever-changing tech industry, Geoff dropped in to update us with his latest content. Geoff has the unique ability to make the most technical and complicated subjects incredibly accessible, and at the same time can go into a great level of detail. Shining a light onto the technology that is changing our world for the better... and sometimes worse, Geoff covered everythign with us from cybercrime and cybersecurity, to internet dating and cutting-edge hardware.

Nigel Risner

Known for his great keynotes on communication and workplace personality types, Nigel stopped by to show off his new speech around customer service and competition. His style is interactive and memorable with great practical takeaways.

Just Who Are Our Real Competitors? Nigel Risner Explains All In His Brand New Presentation

Melanie Eusebe

As we sat chatting to Melanie, we were all truly inspired by her achievements and work ethic. She's a Business Strategist with over 20 years experience as a Management Consultant. Her career spans 5 continents working with some of the world’s biggest brands and largest organisations. Recognized by the Queen for her efforts, Melanie has been profiled as one of the most influential women in Business and the Creative Industries in the UK!

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