News Speakers Corner Attends PPA Connect Week Launch Party

Speakers Corner Attends PPA Connect Week Launch Party

Last night we attended the PPA Connect Week Launch Party. Hosted at The Magic Roundabout, the open air, graffitied den was as cool as it sounds.

The PPA is the main UK professional body for magazine media which represents 225 consumer brand and business information publishers, as well as 120 associate members who are the service providers to the publishers. We are sponsors of the PPA, so will be joining in with their week of conference events from 11th to 15th.

After beeping our Oysters through the tube barriers, we didn’t even have to leave the station to find the venue, the entrance stands opposite the food vendors, small and unassuming, but after climbing a small staircase, you are plunged into an Urban paradise, complete with a toadstool DJ booth and street art covering the walls.

Greeted at the door with a glass of Pimms, PPA Connect had pulled out all the stops to ensure their guests were going to have a great night. The venue was decked with vintage candy floss stands, a popcorn machine, ping pong table and a photo booth. The staff were circulating with tasty refreshments, and the atmosphere was excitable, as the industry professionals networked and took turns to show off their ping-pong skills.

The night brought together event, business and media industry leaders in a relaxed setting, setting the tone for the week.

The week continues with a series of conferences and keynote speakers educating and energising their audiences. We are looking forward to learning about the future of the event business from the week ahead. 


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