Event Tips Virtual Comedy Nights for Corporate Audiences Hosted by Ian Stone

Virtual Comedy Nights for Corporate Audiences Hosted by Ian Stone

For a history graduate I’m always looking forward – tomorrow never dies right?

Speakers Corner has created a virtual comedy night programme for corporate audiences. Hosted by Ian Stone, a popular figure on the corporate circuit, your audience will be treated to either 2 or 3 comedians and as a special treat we can arrange for a bottle of wine to be delivered to every attendee, wherever they are based in the UK!

Your Host - Ian Stone

Ian has been a regular on the British stand-up comedy scene for over 2 decades and has made numerous appearances on popular TV and radio programmes, including Mock the Week, Alan Davies’s As Yet Untitled and the Radio 5 Live flagship sports panel show Fighting Talk. Since lockdown began Ian has been hosting virtual comedy and entertainment events for corporate clients. His skill in bringing the audience into the show and linking the acts together is second to none!

Key Questions We'll Ask

Our little book of contacts is full of hilarious comedians and our expertise comes in matching the right comedian to the audience, so we've come up with a shortlist of questions we'll ask such as...

  • Are there things the comedian should avoid in their set (swearing / topics)? 
  • It’s helpful to provide a brief background of the company so they can do their research
  • Are there any previous comedians that have gone down well with your audience? Let us know as this will provide insight into what will go down a treat

Audience Demographics

Knowing your audiences’ demographics is crucial to selecting the perfect comedian for the event. Whether it’s a seasoned professional that the audience grew up watching, or an up-and-coming star fresh from Fringe, knowing this will help to make sure whoever you select is a perfect fit for your event.

How Does a Virtual Comedy Night Work?

We can either host the virtual event on our platform or we can use an existing provider you already work with. Nonetheless, Ian and the comedians will join at the appointed time. Typically, there is a 'virtual green room' where the acts can test their video connection and microphone before we go live.

Ian will often invite audience members to join him 'on stage' which provides a unique level of interaction between your guests and the acts themselves! 

Depending on budget we can provide 2 or 3 comedians for your evening's entertainment. We have also teamed up with a specialist wine company who can organise for a bottle of wine to be delivered to every attendee's home, wherever they live in the UK, during the afternoon before we go live.

Do you have a comedian or two in mind? Or would you like us to come up with a shortlist to choose from?

For further information or to book a comedian, call us on +44 (0)20 7607 7070 or email info@speakerscorner.co.uk.

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