Virtual Speakers We Met This Autumn

Virtual Speakers We Met This Autumn

Hello I’m Natalia, the Digital Content Marketer for Speakers Corner.

How we interact with each other is changing now more than ever before. But during these unprecedented times we've embraced non-linear pathways to staying connected by reaching out to some incredible speakers from the world of sport, technology, leadership and beyond.

Take a peak into our virtual visits where these expert speakers inspired us with a mix of incredible stories, ideas and insights in order to allow each one of us to find our own learning path, grow and stay connected. Click and watch who we met this autumn at Speakers Corner!

Anita Asante Virtually Visits Speakers Corner


Anita Asante is a Former England Player and Professional Footballer who we were fortunate enough to listen to as she shared her story of resilience, how she's overcome challenges both on and off the field, creating football history and how she's redefining her story to be visible to women and girls who dare to be great!

Bernd Vogel Virtually Visits Speakers Corner

Professor in Leadership, Bernd Vogel joined the Speakers Corner offices in a lively Q&A where we learned about managing teams remotely and finding momentum without burnout. Watch as he shares his virtual advice and the story that inspired us to reaxamine the way we look at creating balanced cultures in the workplace. 

Dhiraj Mukerjee Virtually Visits Speakers Corner

From founding Shazam with a group of friends to putting his money where his values are with “Tech for Good” startups, Dhiraj Mukherjee spanned the gamut of incredible storytelling and powerful insights in his virtual visit. Watch as he shares the humble and innovative beginnings of Shazam and how his children have inspired him to never stop learning!

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