Why Does Your Handwriting Reveal Your True Personality? | A Q&A with Graphologist Emma Bache

14 January 2019

The Millenials in the office were led to believe the days of handwriting tests were long consigned to the dustbin. The only time it seems we need to pick up a pen, is perhaps when we're making notes in meetings.

Which is perhaps a good thing, especially for this author whose handwriting is best described as inelligble.

However, when we heard Emma Bache, a graphologist (handwriting expert to you and me) was popping in for a visit, and wanted to analyse our handwriting, well there were a few nervous glances exchanged. What was she going to find out about us, would she even be able to read our writing, and so on...

It turned out to be great fun, so much so we've recommended Emma in our alternative corporate artists shortlist , and we sat down afterwards to ask Emma a few questions...

Hi Emma, so how did you end up as a handwriting expert?

I have been working as a graphologist for 30 years now and first got into the subject by taking a weekend workshop and then loved it so much that I ended up doing a three year course.  I was lucky enough to have some great connections so started working simultaneously at celebrity parties and events as well as analysing famous figures for the press and media.

When you came into see us, we had lots of fun hearing you decipher our character from our handwriting! But how do you work with businesses to analyse handwriting?

It wasn’t long before I was asked to use my skills to help with recruitment and restructuring with large companies.  By analysing the handwriting of short listed candidates and indeed the people they were hoping to work with, I was able to ensure a close match for the businesses involved and save them from expensive mistakes.  I very much enjoy the compatibility angle of my work as there are so many facets involved not just working qualities but also looking for other aspects of the personality that are not evident from  an interview or CV but could have an effect in the working environment such as sociability, addictions and stress levels.

And we also got to hear about your involvement analysing famous people too?

Over the last thirty years I have been lucky enough to meet and analyse all manner of celebrities from Richard Branson to Rupert Murdoch but I have also worked with the newspapers most notably my columns in The Times and Financial Times analysing top business gurus, politicians and entrepreneurs.

Your new book has just been released, the chapter on Spacing was fascinating to read!

At the end of 2018 Quercus published my first book, Reading Between The Lines which is a fun and interactive book to help the reader analyse their own and others’ handwriting as well as looking at certain well known figures in a new and insightful way.  Each chapter covers a different facet of handwriting but is easy to follow and even has exercises for the reader to follow.

You've spent some time on the corporate circuit now too. What do you enjoy the most?

My time is split between working with the corporate and private sector as well as giving talks and presentations and even as an unusual entertainer at parties and events.  I adore an audience and the interaction with them so love giving presentations but I a particular interest of mine is the forensic side and looking at criminal and potential criminal handwritings!

Thank you so much for your time Emma.

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