Event Tips Why Should I Book an External Speaker for my Meeting?

Why Should I Book an External Speaker for my Meeting?

When you are given the task of organising an event for your company, from the location and venue, to logistics and invites, the task at hand can initially feel like a lot to take on. 

What is more, you have a deadline, and, crucially, a tight budget. At this point, booking an external speaker may not have entered the agenda! 

For other occasions, you may be faced with the ever difficult task: convincing your senior leadership that a speaker is worth booking. 

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Put simply, there is nothing quite like a memorable live event. There is no better way to engage an audience than putting them in a room together, with a common aim, and an engaging speaker. It is the only way to create lasting memory. 


Employees are used to the voice and message of the CEO. An external speaker offers something different, and gives a real shot at a memorable event whose messages will be drawn upon for years to come. 

Don’t forget, an external speaker will help deliver your goals and promote your company. They will probably elevate you better than you can do alone! 

Nothing replicates the live experience. There is no other way to harness the energy and electricity of a room created by someone actually being there. These moments cannot be replicated by video footage.


Take comedy, for example. If you watch a comedian, you will laugh with the audience surrounding you. But, if you watch a video with earphones in, there’s a good chance you won’t even crack a smile. 

The live experience is magical, and organic. And it could be just the thing you need to truly connect with your audience.

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