Henry Bonsu

Henry Bonsu

Henry Bonsu is a British African broadcaster and media consultant and is a regular panelist and reviewer on UK TV news channels ranging from the BBC to Sky.  He also appears on current affairs discussion programmes such as ITV's Good Morning and The Jeremy Vine show on Channel 5.  He is celebrated for his witty, engaging and incivise analysis of world news and current affairs.    He also works as a freelance presenter on news channels on radio such as Times Radio conducting interviews on subjects such UK and US politics as well as education and mental health

D: £3K - £5K

The British African broadcaster and media consultant Henry Bonsu is well known and celebrated for his witty, engaging, incivise and current analysis of news and current affairs both from the UK, US and across the world.  His knowledge of current affairs means he appears on television statiosn across teh world including Al Jazeera, MSNBC as well as UK TV on the BBC and Sky.  He is also a regular presenter and interviewer on radio such as Times Radio where he conducts interviews on UK and US politics as well as topics such as education and mental health.

Henry attributes his interest in global affairs to growing up in Manchester in a Ghanian household.  He studied Modern languages at University being fluet in French and German and is comfortable facilitating events and hosting interviews in these languages.  He started out as a print journalist for the Manchester Evening News and the Voice before joining the BBC where he worked as a producer on Radio 4 's Today and Black Britain programmes.  He has also appeared as a presenter on Radio 5 LIve and BBC London.

Henry writes regular columns on politics, diversity, race and popular culture for the Times, the Guardian, the Express and the Evening Standard.

He is a regular moderator for events around the world having built up a portfolio of international clients such as the UNDP, WHO (Africa Region), UNHCR and the African Union as well as having a keen understanding and engagement with events for public sector organisations in the UK.  His understanding of current affairs and the political landscape across the world has meant he is an engaging host for international summits and conference for coroprate clients across the world as well as an expert on hosting events on diversity and sustainability.


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