Kim Darroch

Lord Kim Darroch is a retired UK civil servant and life peer in the House of Lords. An experienced executive with a background in policy analysis, government affairs, and public speaking. Lord Darroch is a regular and authoritative commentator and contributor across key media channels and published media.

C: £5K - £10K

Lord Kim Darroch's diplomatic career spanned over 40 years, primarily focusing on national security issues and European policy. For four decades, Lord Darroch has worked  in international negotiations, national security issues, and European affairs and has served in a senior advisory capacity to four Prime Ministers. 

As well as this, Lord Darroch has also represented the UK Government overseas as Ambassador to the United States and to the European Union. 

Prior to this role, Lord Darroch worked as Private Secretary to Minister of State for the Middle East and as Head of the News Department at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. In addition to his two ambassadorial postings, Lord Darroch also worked as National Security Advisor to David Cameron from 2012 to 2015. 

Lord Darroch is available to speak on topical subjects at conferences, seminars, and dinners related to Government, Politics and Foreign Policy : The Ukraine Crisis: Origins, Trajectory and Implications Britain in the European Union: From Accession to Brexit and Beyond America : The Rise and Fall of Donald Trump, future prospects for America, and the state of UK/US relations he (could also use the book Collateral Damage Britain, America & Europe in the Age of Trump”, 2020. as a working title for a speech). British National Security, from the Falklands to Afghanistan: why we sent British forces abroad.

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